I Can See Clerys Now




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20 thoughts on “I Can See Clerys Now

  1. Hank

    Stop recording videos of strangers and then acting like it’s them that has the problem, you bunch of weirdos..

    1. Eric cartman

      +1 thank you. Chap is a removals lad trying to do his job without interference from the lefty brigade.

      1. Rob_G

        I’m sure that the Snickers bottoms are just a clever disguise, and that he is the fat-cat that masterminded the whole thing.

      1. Prop Joe

        What would the “professional” reaction be for someone who’s profession doesn’t ever involve a person with a camera in their face?
        I’d have told them fupp off as well

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “Young Workers Network” ……slags off young man doing his job and all while filming him….

    Is the hypocrisy of their tweet and their own remit lost on these Young Chicken Chokers’ Network or what?

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