Alan Conroy writes:

Is it too soon for the Xmas pets? I leave you ‘Parnell'(above) getting into the Xmas spirit early…

Your pet at Xmas to marked ‘My Pet at Xmas’. A pet present for EVERY pet featured.

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32 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. roitde

    Was just gonna comment on the dry cleaning story to see if the pets thing would be back.

    Delirra its back altogether

    1. Neilo

      How does this diminish your personal reservoir of human happiness? In the spirit of the season, why don’t we leave the pet lovers – including me – to their simple pleasures. Oh, and happy Christmas!

      1. Owen

        I’m all for it…. on Facebook. Last year at Christmas all there was on BS was pictures and pictures of pets. I come to BS for the variety in the posts. Not to see the same stuff as I do on FB, except WAY more of it.

        Happy Christmas to you to – although, it’s clearly to early for that.

        1. roitde

          I’m all for Social Justice, but i get way too much of that one facebook. I like the variety that the pets give me.

          1. Mikeyfex

            Ah, there’s just an error in the spelling of your name and I’m made some implications. Never mind :)

          2. rotide

            Sheeeet, now i get the busted reference.

            I know how this looks.

            If i had a collar and tie I would be pulling at it right now.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    “Is it too soon for the Xmas pets?”

    Never. The animal shelters are poised and ready and collecting donations as we speak.

      1. Disasta

        Ha! I enjoyed that.

        Animal lovers: “Oh I love animals. My *insert mongrel* is so affectionate”.
        Really? Do you? No you don’t.
        You love yourself and the attention you receive.

        If animal lovers loved animals the billions they p!ss away on animals mutated by man would be directed toward saving the planet’s biodiversity. And then you’d be heros.

        And pet cats, never mind dogs who have some merit, can eat my @$$.

        There I said it.

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