14 thoughts on “Mucky Spread

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Excellent but their packing really needs to be snazzed up or as they in the marketing industry, can you ‘Jazz it up’.

      1. Prop Joe

        Been available in BTs for a long time now, and also available to anyone who wants them and isn’t a wanker by getting them online.

  2. Goosey Lucy

    I’d safely say they don’t give a monkeys what you put on it- somebody told me they’re charging something like €12 in BTs to do this.
    It’s Nuts
    Pun intended.

  3. Bike fodder

    BTs and Selfridges are owned by the same crowd. The main concern is the amount of non sustainable palm oil they use in production, effectively killing off our cousins the Orangutan!

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