Clare Daly and Mick Wallace at Shannon Airport, July 2014

In events that some people call thick,
The outspoken Deputy Mick,
Himself with the hair,
And that other one, Clare,
Spent a couple of hours in the nick.

John Moynes

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14 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Sam

      That would be the same taxpayer that is subsidising the US military use of Shannon.
      The airport may make a few bob out of it, but the taxpayer is paying for the security and the air traffic control fees which the US has refused to pay because (and take this in after you’ve finished that sip of tea) – they don’t charge the Irish air force any air traffic control fees if it flies over US airspace. (What genius negotiated that deal on our behalf?)
      The fees, last time I checked were over a million euros annually.

      Harder to estimate is the number of passengers who chose to fly from Dublin instead of Shannon due to the general lack of military aircraft sitting on the apron.

      But, y’know, lets just stick to counting euros and not venture into what part we played in shredding, incinerating, maiming defenceless people in the middle east.

      1. classter

        How much does the security cost?

        Whatever you think about Shannon stopovers, we should seek a refund from whoever is doing security. They can’t stop old ladies (Margaretta D’Arcy) and fat, middle-aged men (Wallace) from getting onto the runway.

        Are they likely to do much better against committed, well-trained terrorist organisations?

        1. Sam

          The security is also in the millions per annum (Army and Gardaí)
          To be fair to them, it would be hard to spot the likes of Margaretta D’Arcy, dressed as she was in bright orange.
          And sure Mick, sure isn’t he an expert in camouflage? You can see in the photo above how close he and that other ‘ninja’ Clare Daly are to that plane while not being in the least bit stealthy. Slightly out of shot is an Irish Army jeep containing two or three members who the defence forces who no doubt got a massive bollicking for not doing the whole ‘look around for intruders’ part of sentry duty.

    2. scottser

      i’d say the manpower and bureaucracy involved in carting him down to limerick, processing and releasing him cost far more than 2 grand. you got your showboat, now cough up sucker.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Good man Mick!

    Was Clare arrested or is this sexism at work… ‘we’ll just arrest the fella, sure she was only tagging along, lead on by him’ …wouldn’t be the first time….

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