jakub-geltner-sculpture-by-the-sea-cctv-nest-designboom-014 jakub-geltner-sculpture-by-the-sea-cctv-nest-designboom-010 jakub-geltner-sculpture-by-the-sea-cctv-nest-designboom-07 jakub-geltner-sculpture-by-the-sea-cctv-nest-designboom-06 jakub-geltner-sculpture-by-the-sea-cctv-nest-designboom-04

Nest 06 – a new addition to artist Jakub Geltner’s nested CCTV installations – part of last month’s Sculpture By The Sea outdoor exhibition in Sydney Australia. More than a dozen functioning cameras near Bondi generated a live internet feed of viewers thoughout the exhbition.

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