Port Tunnel, Dublin

Hot Press reports:

“Dublin music radio station Radio Nova is preparing to take legal action against Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the operator of the Dublin Port Tunnel. The legal action will challenge TII in relation to the fact Nova’s programmes cannot be heard in the Tunnel. Only seven radio stations are broadcast in the Port Tunnel due to limitations in its current system. Radio Nova is not one of them.”

“Radio Nova claims the restriction is in breach of EU competition regulations and the 2002 Competition Act and that it is “inherently unfair and damaging” to its business.”

“… In what may prove to be a controversial view, Nova is also claiming that the Port Tunnel’s system for communicating with motorists in the event of emergency is “fundamentally flawed” and that it has shown favouritism to Denis O’ Brien’s Communicorp in the broadcasting of his radio stations within the Tunnel.”

“…The Port Tunnel carries RTE Radio 1, Today FM, Newstalk, FM104, 98FM, Spin 1038 and Q102.”

Radio Nova Challenge Port Tunnel Over Alleged Denis O’Brien Bias (Hot Press)

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27 thoughts on “No Escape

      1. Neilo

        *Rages that the Gallico ‘deep pull’ didn’t lure Blenkinsop to the thread* I’m so friggin’ old!

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    If anything they should be broadcasting Dublin City FM (103.2) with their detailed traffic news (interspersed with great music).

    1. Spud1

      This is by far the best station in Dublin during rush hour times.
      Great music and great updates with no ‘BANTZ!!’

    2. Condor

      Dublin City FM is the only radio station I’ll listen to if I forget my phone in the car. The music is great, no real ads to speak of. The traffic news is helpful if you think you might get stuck in it, and strangely soothing if you know you’re nowhere near the worst bits.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Plus I love the way they’ve named various city landmarks; e.g. the Wall, The Water Tower etc.

    3. Anomanomanom

      I done a late night show for them a good while ago. Well my mate ran it i was just a guest some weeks, till an appropriate for friends talking but inappropriate for live on air joke got us told off.

    1. scundered

      I’d say most folk today certainly wouldn’t know how to begin to appreciate the talent of Ritchie Blackmore alright… Competent musicians in popular music are few and far between.

      AND he can do it all whilst dressed as a wizard….

      In flares…


  2. Clampers Outside!

    Fair play to them!
    And proper order to!

    Surely a Dublin station and one with TSA of ‘Dublin & The Commuter Belt’ should have priority in its’ city of broadcast, over quasi national stations like Newstalk and TodayFM.

    1. vaD

      It’s those BluShirts – they gave the licence to some guy who don’t care about your 4G, be happy with your two Gees

  3. realPolithicks

    It appears the tentacles of “he who must not be named” are spread far and wide in the country he no longer lives in.

  4. Tarfton Clax

    Glory be to the Great Blackmore indeed. Himself and Ronnie James Dio are/were indeed Wizards and Warriors of the World of great Epic Music. Nova understands the need of the people to hear glorious sounds of musical dexterity and prodigious prestidigitation.

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