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Nova ‘jocks’, from left: Brent Pope, Lucy Kennedy, Ruth Scott and Colm Hayes 

Dig deep, folks.

Tomorrow and Saturday, Radio Novais hosting its annual Help the Homeless Radiothon with the station dedicating its schedules over two full days to raise funds for the homeless.

Now in its fifth year, the charity drive is in association with Focus Ireland and listeners are encouraged to donate what they can for a good cause.

Over the weekend, all manner of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, sport, music and politics will drop in to the studio.

Volunteers will be on hand in the station’s Docklands HQ to take calls from listeners all through Friday and Saturday.

Nick says: Don’t touch that dial!

Homeless Radiothon

Radio Nova

Thanks Barry Hartigan


Port Tunnel, Dublin

Hot Press reports:

“Dublin music radio station Radio Nova is preparing to take legal action against Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the operator of the Dublin Port Tunnel. The legal action will challenge TII in relation to the fact Nova’s programmes cannot be heard in the Tunnel. Only seven radio stations are broadcast in the Port Tunnel due to limitations in its current system. Radio Nova is not one of them.”

“Radio Nova claims the restriction is in breach of EU competition regulations and the 2002 Competition Act and that it is “inherently unfair and damaging” to its business.”

“… In what may prove to be a controversial view, Nova is also claiming that the Port Tunnel’s system for communicating with motorists in the event of emergency is “fundamentally flawed” and that it has shown favouritism to Denis O’ Brien’s Communicorp in the broadcasting of his radio stations within the Tunnel.”

“…The Port Tunnel carries RTE Radio 1, Today FM, Newstalk, FM104, 98FM, Spin 1038 and Q102.”

Radio Nova Challenge Port Tunnel Over Alleged Denis O’Brien Bias (Hot Press)

Dublin Rate My Area


Dave Alsybury writes:

“[Radio Nova’s] Morning Glory newsman Conor Irwin last week naively told everyone listening to Radio Nova that he wished his other half had taken cooking lessons. Following the comment, his girlfriend Ciara got in touch with the show’s hosts Marty and Joan to devise a plan that would hit Conor where it hurts. The cunning plot involved the gang posting an advert on Done Deal offering Conor’s “Beautiful Golf Clubs”, which are worth over €2000 for the low cost of €230. Needless to say, Conor got quite the shock when it was revealed live on air that his pride and joy were being fobbed off….”


Beautiful Golf Clubs (DoneDeal)

Radio Nova

mikemoloney[Mike Moloney]

‘Midnight Mike’ to his friends.

‘Mellow- voiced Moloney’ to radio listeners of a certain age.

Barry H writes:

“To some of us he was, and always will be, the Moloney in 2fm’s ‘Moloney after Midnight’ the very decent late night music show that had a huge audience during the 1990s. Mike returns to Radio Nova on Sundays [11am-2pm]. For June Mike will be ‘reeling’  in the football years’ with music from World Cup Summers of yore….”

Perishing rock-loving baritone-voiced longhair.

Radio Nova