5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Sam

    The country that makes all our stuff
    Is having a time that is rough
    A lack of demand
    – not what investors planned.
    Cheap labour just ain’t cheap enough?

    So Beijing has had the audacity,
    After creating so much spare capacity
    To devalue the yuan
    So exports are egged on
    Doesn’t satisfy Wall Street voracity.

    For selling them bulk raw material
    In volumes that sure aren’t ethereal
    but demand has gone soft
    And the traders have scoffed
    and hope these bumps are one offs, not serial.

    Domestically wages are low
    And domestic demand has been slow
    to take up the slack
    and push GDP back
    where investors would want it to grow.

  2. sanctimoniousbroadsheetcommenter

    There is a fella on the dole
    His poems are a pain in the hole
    Some give him a job
    So he’ll have a few bob
    So I don’t have to read this SH!T€

    1. Sam

      Would you like some more salt for that chip?
      Or do you have even more lip?
      Go on spout your bile,
      We’ll all be here a while
      Or perhaps you could just get a grip?

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