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  1. Nigel

    And if you’re unemployed your grinding daily struggle with despair and frustration, anger and depression is just the shot in the arm this recovery needs!

  2. munkifisht

    What a sanctimonious shower of c’s.

    “Good little electorate, you’re such a good shower of plebs for working (not like that bad electorate that sits around and doesn’t do anything). And we know, what you’re working for is a tuppenny bit we’ll tax the utter $hite out of, but ye see we don’t work hard. We just set up reviled and despised private companies and give them your infrastructure and resources for nothing. Please elect us again, I swear we won’t continue to pilfer you for everything we can get.”

    1. cluster

      There’s plenty to give out about but we are not being taxed too heavily.

      I’m happy to be taxed because I want to fund public services. Obviously this money is not always spent as I would like but that is an inevitable part of being part of society.

      But some people give out about ‘right-wing, Tory-lite, Blueshirts’ in one breath, while moaning about being taxed in the next.

      1. curmudgeon

        Frankly that’s bull. But let’s take a deep breathe: VAT went up to 23% and that does not take into account how much you earn. Car tax is the highest in the EU, and that includes the buying (taxes added that should not be legal) the owning (motor tax) the insuring (Quinn levy) and the fueling (4th and 5th most expensive country in the world for petrol & diesel respectively)! Indirect taxation in this country is incredibly unfair and very high. I’m all for using tax money for socialised welfare and health, but squandered spending in the boom years was supposed to be an election issue, instead the reform of the notoriously public sector never happened, and the pension time bomb quietly ignored and so exchequer funding was via new and improved “stealth” taxes, water tax, property tax etc and of course selling the nations silver (goodbye shareholder control of national airline, Irish water again). Excuse me while I reach for my now mandatory minimum priced bottle of anything alcoholic.

  3. Happy Molloy

    I look forward to the TV debates, and the craic most of all. I really feckin hate those signs though, if any party promises to get rid of all political signs except to designated notice boards then they may get a vote from me

  4. Owen

    Save your money FG. The best thing you can do to get votes is get Enda out of the picture. Do it now and you have a hope.

    Anything you propose has to come out of his mouth. Think that though a minute.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Vardkar wants a Renua partnership and has literally said referendums are undemocratric. I’m happy keeping the incompetent clown in office if the alternative is that slimy scummer.

          1. Owen

            Yeah, but I’m not inviting Leo, and it’s not cause he’s gay, its cause he would make everyone form a line and wait for hours to get in. Then when he lets you in he’d tell you to go home and pay for the private pants party and come back after that.

            Also, Lucinda is not invited cause she’s never been in a pair of mans pants in her life and would be real awkward about it.

            Enda can come but just for something to laugh at and make fun of. I wouldn’t walk in with him if you want to look cool.

    2. Sam

      Your downbeat appraisal of Kenny is just your own opinion, you have to bear in mind, that a guy I met last week (who was holding a pint in each hand, and riding a unicycle on a high wire) told me that he, and everyone he knows considers Enda Kenny to be the poster boy for honesty, decency and hardwork – so there ;)

  5. Nigel

    Really, it just reflects the shifting expectations of what’s demanded of the workforce. ‘Hard work is the new ‘working.’ The new ‘hard work’ will be unmerciful drudgery altogether. With zero-hour contracts.

  6. ahjayzis

    I’ve a post idea for BS – in the “Was It For This?” style – highlight how FG is running on Lynton Crosby’s exact election strategy prepared for the Conservatives in 2015.

    It’s an IDENTICAL fear-the-chaos-embrace-the-stability crap Cameron was selling and his minions were dog-whistling about.

          1. ahjayzis

            It’s worse – they didn’t even bring him in from abroad, it looks like they’re literally just aping what they’ve seen the Tories doing. So unimaginative they can’t even write / buy in their own strategy.

            The 2011 election was fought on hope for reform, 2016 is all about FEAR of any change to the status quo. The status quo being a return to 2006 with no lessons learned, trolley queues as standard, planning permission on flood plains and not a fupping scintilla of accountability from anyone cashing their cheques.

  7. Tony

    I pity the current generation. All being told what to do and how, but no-one able to articulate to them why they are doing it. An absence of purpose, or cause or vision is leading to a lost generation being numbed by online virtual dependence and substituting lived lives for mere existences.

  8. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Australia’s ABC ran a story about the Irish Government campaign for Irish people abroad to return home, #hometowork (or whatever it is). Jaysus, what a load of bollocks. I’d say it is part of the propoganda message for the Irish back home, telling people that things are so good, emigrants are returning.

    1. ahjayzis

      Total PR bullpoo, all glossy ad and no substance.

      The things that will ‘entice emigrants back’ are the things that exist in other countries, that would benefit everyone and that no-one seems to have a solution to fix – like not having to live on a trolley for days when you go to A&E, being able to afford a flat that isn’t 40 miles from your office.

    2. george

      At the same time they were saying we have to push the target for full employment to 2020 because of people coming home.

  9. Charley

    Election advertising should be a very limited spend, these large posters will beyond a lot of candidates who don’t have crooked cronies with deep pockets.

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