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Following a Patrick O’Leary sending a petition to the Joint Committee on Public Service Oversight and Petitions last month – to have Conor McGregor’s face placed on €1 coins – Sinn Féin TD Padraig MacLochlainn told the committee last evening it can’t happen.

Not least because he can’t get a hold of Mr O’Leary.

Mr MacLochlainn explained…

“‘Put Conor McGregor on the €1 coin’ – this [petition] is from a Mr Patrick O’Leary. We’ve deliberated on this petition and unfortunately because we haven’t been able to establish contact with the petitioner, our rules are clear, it has to be deemed inadmissible.

“So, what we have thought about this is that, we would advise the petitioner, or any other interested party, that they may wish to contact the Central Bank to establish the EU rules around both commemorative coins and the normal EU coinage which may have restrictions negating the proposal made in this petition so… while unfortunately we can’t deem it admissible, and take any further action on it, it is a matter of public interest around how decisions are made and who goes on coins…”

Petition to put Conor McGregor’s face on €1 coin deemed inadmissible (Newstalk)

11 thoughts on “Ultimate Oversight

  1. Murtles

    Can’t believe “valuable” Oireachtas time was wasted on this. Looking at the wording of the petition indicates it was a bit of MIckey Mousery and very tounge in cheek. In fact the whole petition the Oireachtas has a few doozys in there too
    * Launch a referendum for the Republic of Ireland on whether or not it should rejoin the United Kingdom in 2020
    * Public consultation process on feasibility of developing a domestic hemp industry
    * Ban Donald Trump From Entering Ireland (actually this one I agree with)

    I suppose we have to keep the Senators busy with something, pretend we’re getting value for the big money we’re paying them.

  2. Owen

    What a joke. I’m delighted with McGreggors success, but this is just having a laugh. Was it a joke that went to far by chance?

    He’s won two high profile fights in the UFC, which is a business. And his success is massively magnified by his persona. We may as well put Michael O’Leary on a coin.

      1. Owen

        I’m delighted it was a joke so. And sure how am I supposed to know….. I only read headlines and comments.

  3. Tish Mahorey

    “Launch a referendum for the Republic of Ireland on whether or not it should rejoin the United Kingdom in 2020”

    A Fine Gael wet dream. They’d jump at the chance to be Royal subjects again and pretend they’re not not really Irish but descendants of Cromwell’s adventurers and landed gentry.

    1. classter

      ‘Cept that FG came (largely) from Cumann na nGaedheal and ultimately from Sinn Fein.

      And however you like it, or not, a lot of us probably do have a bit of blood from Cromwell’s soldiers in our veins.

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