Pro-refugee demonstration in Dublin, September 2015

When we offered a helping hand,
To thousands from a foreign land,
We expected plenty,
But only got twenty,
The rest said “Don’t bother, you’re grand.”

John Moynes

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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26 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Bill

    Huge turnout at that pro refugee demonstration, really shows that everyone really wants these migrants coming to Ireland. :-/ It looks like there’s actually more balloons than people. I hope those who attended have their spare rooms ready to accommodate the young men coming over looking for work.

  2. Jimmy McFuGee

    This is what we wanted as a society. We poo-ed on about #refugeeswelcome, but our stringent policies of blanket refusal and limbo-style camps have deterred all but the most determined.

    1. Bill

      We didn’t poo on about refugees welcome, only people stupid enough to put a # in front of a word did. Normal people in the real world who don’t use # don’t want them.

        1. Sam

          Shh… don’t criticise Bill and his ilk. I’ve started a business selling pitchforks and I’m hoping to make it into the 1% by the end of the year. Don’t you go ruining it by pointing out the hype!

  3. 15 cents

    a small percentage of refugees have messed it up for the rest of them with what happeend in Germany. say what you want, but its not a risk worth taking. if it was a handful of them it would still be dangerous and need to monitored carefullly, but it was literally 1000s of them. and a lot of the refugees we take in our given accom down the country, where theres a worrying shortage of Guards. so.. sorry .. i think its not worth risking,

    1. Sam

      So can I put you down for a pitchfork then?
      Good quality at a good price, made by Indonesian teens* who won’t be allowed to come over here.

      *on average

    2. B Hewson

      A few thousand have ruined it for the 10 million that were expected. Only 8 million illegal migrants expected now. (80% men)

      1. 15 cents

        does anyone know why it is pretty much all dudes? how come theres no women with them at all? or very very few. seems odd … and its never been questioned, when u question it ya get the usual ‘pipe down ya racst’ response.

        1. B Hewson

          Once the migrants get handed legal documentation to live in whatever country they want, they will apply for their (large) families to come and join them. If you think the health service is under pressure now, wait till we see emergency departments in 10 years…

          1. Sam

            Health Depts in Australia, the UK? with all those Irish economic migrants or are you talking about migrants to Ireland, like the Syrian refugees who do not get to choose which country they are sent to.

            Tell me, do you have enough courage to go after the crooks who are wrecking our health system or do you just go for the easy target?

          2. B Hewson

            The Irish economic migrants are there on legal visas and don’t bring their extended families with the to live in UK or Australia.
            Millions of migrants and their extended families who will follow will push European institutions beyond breaking point.

          3. B Hewson

            The health service in Ireland is a mess and needs reform as it is. Adding tens of thousands of migrants into our health system as you would like to see will mean Irish people like your granny, parents auntie uncle or whoever is waiting for an operation delayed or double or triple waiting time.

  4. poppy

    Cant see much opportunity for refugees…..either a mobile home or a b/b when i see the crisis with our homlessless. And obey the laws , respect our culture or go back to where you came from would be my opinion to refugees.

    1. 15 cents

      they arrested a few of the rapists in Germany .. but why? I’d just chuck deport them, and then the rest will now if they mess about theyll get the same. sure jail would be no bother to them from what they came from. real punishment is sendin them back to syria or wherever they happen to be from.

      1. Macconnait

        One thing many people misunderstand is the immense logistical and legal problems involved with with deportation. Many involved have destroyed their documentation, making it nigh on impossible to determine their country of origin. Legally, it’s almost impossible to return a person to a county where they might face persecution or danger, a single case can take years.

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