60 thoughts on “‘Free Wifi Everywhere’

  1. Joe


    Did Paddy move the summit to Lisbon because they wouldn’t be like me and point out all his spelling and grammatical errors?

    1. Parky Mark

      They use expresso in Portugal, not expresso. You’re just showing off your lack of travel experience, like lots of people in this thread.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    There is a lot of free wifi in Ireland as well. It generally stops being free when you are trying to supply 20,000 people with it at the same time.

    1. Condescending Nana

      unlike here where people speak it badly and foreigners use it better, without the typos and condescending attitude.

  3. Murtles

    You’ll come crawling back to us when all that money starts building up in your pockets. Pfft 60c expressos and €2 dinners may be fine for a while, but you’ll start to crave our €2.75 watery axmericanos and a €6 single slice hang sammichs.

  4. pc guy

    i wonder if de goverdinmint learned anything fro- .. what am i talkin about .. theyve never learned anything from anything in the past, why start now?

  5. Alex Francis

    What was he going to say? “it’s poo here and I want to come home please mam, I’m sorry for calling you a stupid cow”. I’d say he’s miserable over there in Portugal with his model girlfriend and all his money and his curly hair

    1. Andy

      Not a care in the world.
      I’d say he waltzes into the barbers and says “do whatever you want sir” with no fear or regret.

      While the rest of us are hopelessly trying to convince ourselves that it’s not scalp showing through but skin colored grey hairs.


  6. Micko

    I have no problem with his spelling or pronunciation of Espresso

    What does drive me mad is his Facebook profile pic… make ya want to punch him right in his hipster gob


    1. Parky Mark

      He looks nothing like a hipster. You sound like you wear black Jack & Jones jeans and brown kickers shoes.

  7. Kieran NYC

    What an odious little cretin.

    He’s like those creeps who plaster their Facebook with pictures of them and a new girl to make the ex jealous.

  8. Earthworm Jim

    hope you enjoy the cheap food. am sure you’ll quadruple the price of everything for your next summit, as you did here.

  9. Tish Mahorey

    Paddy Cosgrave is making money from the gold prospectors, not the gold itself.

    He’s making money off the fools.

  10. Anne

    “great cafe’s” Scarla for him.

    Why can’t these z listers pay someone to read over their gibberish before posting?
    Is it that they are:
    Too cheap?
    Don’t mind making themselves look like uneducated clowns?
    Don’t realise they’re uneducated clowns?
    All of the above?

    This is not good enough from a web summitter organiser entrepreneuuuuuurer.

        1. classter

          We are far too sensitive about a bit of entitlement and arrogance though.

          Not sure I’m a massive fan of the guy but the level of vitriol he seems to be attracting is a bit excessive.

  11. Grouse

    The creatives I know living in Lisbon and producing local fare are absolutely just scraping by (barely, despondently) because the economy doesn’t allow them to charge prices that would give them a reasonable income. Think about that 60c espresso vs the cost of tech and international materials to a Portuguese resident. I don’t blame Web Summit for choosing a cheap location but the conference is basically the same benefits as manufacturing in a developing nation.

    1. Debbie

      Yep, finally people are starting to realise that Dublin has all the ridiculous cost of massive cities like London, Paris and New York with none of the benefits of those places. An overpriced irrelevant backwater in terms of global culture whose residents think excessive rent somehow means prestige and achievement with none of the political or cultural development and work that goes into actually making a city an interesting place to live in or visit… Dublin 2016, there never was never more of a sad sack of a poohole… even the websummit self pleasurers know it by now.

  12. Richard

    He could have gotten the street art in Belfast. And they have the Orangefest cultural festival. Buckfast only £1.50.

    1. some old queen

      Liberal southern fenians are not allowed? Why they assume all our parents were not married is another story.

      Mind you, they really do have a thing for painting gabels, on both sides. Of the divide I mean, not the gabels.

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