At the Green Party general election launch this morning.


There is tay.

17 thoughts on “Bling, Bling

    1. bob

      Shock horror, party with 6 TDs didn’t get to implement all of it’s policies while in government with a party of 77 TDs. So weird!!!!

      1. rob

        they didn’t do anything in government except sleep through the bank guarantee scheme… they didn’t get any policies through at all, bob!

        1. bob

          Well that’s subjective. They did push through a few of the things on their agenda: planning reform, insulation scheme, but yeah they didn’t do anything to prevent to bank guarantee debacle. They seemed to trust what Brian Lenihan was telling them – too much probably.

          It’s just ridiculous how much smaller parties take the blame when they make compromises to get into government so they can at least implement some of their policies. Otherwise what’s the point?

        2. bob

          Actually it’s not even subjective… they did get some policies through whether you liked them or not :-)

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    “I think I’m done with the sofa,
    I think I’m done with the hall,
    I think I’m done with the kitchen table, baby,
    Let’s go outside”

  2. Truth in the News

    The Green Party, what did they do when in power, prop up Fianna Fail
    and if they got back, who would they prop up, wee’d be “Green” if we put
    them back, whats their policy on protecting the landscape from wind turbines.

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