Ireland And The Turkey Refugee Facility


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A table and pie chart showing the amount of money each European Council member state will be giving towards the €3billion EU/Turkey deal

The European Council last night announced details of its €3billion deal with Turkey – to “stem the flow of migrants to Europe”.

This followed the commitment made to give this money to Turkey, at an EU summit on November 29, 2015.

Ireland will be giving €22.9million to the so-called Turkey Refugee Facility.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, which is currently holding the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU, said:

“[The agreements] aim at targeting human traffickers and launching projects which will help give those in and around the refugee camps the hope of a better future. Europe is following  up on its decision to make 3 billion euro available for the Turkey Refugee Facility and we will continue to work hard with our Turkish partners to turn this into concrete results.”

Nothing to worry about, at all, at all.

At all.

Refugee facility for Turkey: Member states agree on details of financing (European Council)

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15 thoughts on “Ireland And The Turkey Refugee Facility

    1. scottser

      we get the satisfaction of paying other people’s debts in full. as for greece, they’re probably thinking ‘how come turkey get 3bn and we get a bollicking?

    2. classter

      It is very arguable whether there are many advantages of us being in the Eurozone.

      Reduced transation costs – so no changing currency & being gouged in the process.

      Less exchange movement risks & so less need to hedge – at least for countries operating within the zone.

      it is easier to compare costs between countries in the eurozone which should help increase competition & reduce price differentials.

    3. Kieran NYC

      Who do you think paid for all the roads? Who do you think is paying for our farming and fishing industries?

      Bonus: no wars.

    4. Deluded

      Good point human. Time to cut and run.
      I’m looking forward to a life of splendid isolation far out on a half-barren, resource-free EPZ.

      (Great dictionary. If you scroll down there’s a link to a page which will tell you how to use “communism” in a sentence)

  1. Eoin

    So we’re letting Turkey and their criminal, ISIS supporting, Erdogan regime into the EU? If the US and their coalition of clowns hadn’t murdered Ghadaffi then we wouldn’t be having this influx of economic migrants into Europe and Turkey wouldn’t be in a position to blackmail the EU. Though they’ll be right at home with the criminal, unelected, unaccountable, ex-Goldman Sachs scumbags running the EU. The sooner the EU falls apart the better for all. It’ll hurt badly but at least we’ll all be free from German/EU oppression (lets not forget how Greece got treated, asset stripped for daring to go against the grain). By the way. Mario Draghi was the guy at Goldman put in charge of helping Greece fudge their books and gain entry to the EU in the first place. Now he’s running the ECB? Couldn’t make it up. Conflicts of interest and downright criminality everywhere yet nobody seems to be talking about it.

      1. bukowski

        No, that’s not the point. Did you read the Amnesty report and the others on their site and other sites? The issue is the European Commission is stating it is supporting the social protection of Syrian migrants in Turkey and the application of appropriate asylum procedures as arrises under the Geneva convention to which Turkey is a conditional signatory yet the money is being used for illegal detention, refoulement, and civil abuse of Syrians and Iraqis in Turkey. In other words the EC is bribing Turkey to close it’s borders and ramp up illegal detention and deportation (including contravening Turkey’s own law on Foreigners and International Protection) in order to reassume the accession process. This then plays to the geopolitical issues in Turkey and not only supports the institutional abuse of migrants/asylum seekers but fails to even consider how 45% of migrants arriving in Europe are in fact not Syrians. The 3bn euro is only for services to Syrians. Apparently. Unless you’re an Iraqi needing refoulement.

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