14 thoughts on “Circles Of Hell

  1. Anne

    Why is it that RTE seem to only have the current crowd on, and the ‘main opposition parties’ as they describe it.
    Last night on Claire Byrne you had Baldy, Brendan Howlin, a FF and SF candidate.. (I can’t recall who they were, and the RTE player only has 30 second clips of Claire Byrne, and she only mentions Baldy and Howlin)

    1. Cian

      They need to set some cutoff point or else every single independent candidate will demand equal airtime.

      The 3 TDs rule was likely picked to ensure that Renua, SDs and PBP-AAA all qualified but it makes enough sense in a massively multi-party system.

      1. Anne

        I suppose you couldn’t be giving equal airtime to candidates… more of the same is what we need.

        What’s the 3 TD rule? There were 4 TDs on the main panel there last night..

        1. Cian

          There’s a few thousand candidates. Most of them haven’t a chance in hell of being elected. They need to give time to those who actually have a chance of being in power – which excludes the tiny parties and people who’ll get 200 votes.

          The debate RTE is running requires a party to have 3 TDs to participate. Renua have 3, SDs have 3. Greens are crying as they’ve none.

          1. Anne

            Oh right.. thanks for the explanation.

            I don’t agree with your analysis of who has a chance of being in power… but we’ll leave it at that, thanks.

          2. Matthew

            “The debate RTE is running requires a party to have 3 TDs to participate.”

            Which is bonkers really as it just consolidates power and electability amongst the already elected.

          3. Kieran NYC

            You happy for your licence fee to pay for a 20 minute party political broadcast on behalf of the Healy-Rae clan, then?

  2. Anne

    Can anyone make any sense of this –

    If you scroll a little down the page, you can see the link for each episode.. you can see the length of time they have for each episode.. some episodes only seem to be a clip of a half a minute or so, some are full episodes.

    RTE are for the fupping birds. The fupping birds wouldn’t be bothered their hoop with them. It’s a maze of confusion.

    1. Anne

      Yeah, but no one envisages categorically clearly doing business with any independent though.. categorically.

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I could be wrong, but I think I’m right…

    (Forgive me for not being to find a link for you, but) Didn’t RTÉ provide a platform for EVERY CANDIDATE to give a statement about their intent/platform/standing etc.
    It was very short statements…I was watching them on the RTÉ News channel on Saturday morning until I fell asleep.

    It WASN’T a dream.
    It was real.
    It gave me nightmares.

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