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A video of the Turkish Coastguard water cannoning a dinghy full of refugees as it attempted to travel from Turkey to Lesbos island, Greece last October

You’ll recall the €22.9million that Ireland is contributing to the €3billion the European Council is giving Turkey to “stem the flow of migrants to Europe”.

Further to this…

Solidarity group Platanos, which is based on the north of Lesbos island, Greece, reports:

The refugees that arrived Wednesday at Platanos Camp, were soaking wet and in shock because, as they explained to us, the Turkish coastguard tried to force them to return to the Turkish coast with the use of threats, by creating artificial waves and by the extensive use of water cannons.

Two of the boats returned to the Turkish coast with all the passengers in shock. The remaining two boats managed to break through and reached Skala Sykamias, Lesvos.

[On Thursday] at 3 o’clock in the morning, the Greek Coastguard attempted to stop a new boat from reaching the coast at Skala Sykamia resulting in havoc, and the boat almost crashed on sharp rocks. The accident was prevented at the last moment by the intervention of the rescue boat belonging to the team ‘Sea Rescue’.

[On Thursday] morning, the Turkish coastguard was sighted from the ‘Korakas’ Observation Post repeating its deliberate attacks against boats in the middle of the sea, again by the use of water cannons.

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42 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder

    1. Chris

      Yea, let’s gas them, or we can put them in camps, then gas them in the camps. We can tell them it’s a shower, and bury them in mass graves, come on what could go wrong? Then we could take any others who manage to get in and put them in a special ‘ghetto’ then we can transport them to the camps, and gas them too! It’ll be great!

      1. Anomanomanom

        Holocaust references! Really. So you think people making it to Turkey, a non war zone although not entirely a great place, then the same people leaving the non war torn country to entry Europe illegally is the same as Jews being rounded up and murdered are the same thing.

        1. Chris

          No I just think it would be great if we all banded together behind one angry man who could help us direct out anger and then dress up in cool uniforms and collect up and gas all the people society doesn’t want.

    2. Tish Mahorey

      Yeah it’s that simple.

      Drown those women and children who are escaping from their homes being bombed by numerous aggressors.

      Some day you’ll need someone’s help and sympathy but you won’t deserve it.

      1. Chris

        Don’t forget the gas! And a train, we can put them on a really harsh train ride on the way to being gassed. And we can wear really smart uniforms, designed by Hugo Boss with a cool logo on the sleeve, and put the logo on all our stuff. Why has no one thought of that yet?!

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            A discussion about what to do about the refugee crisis is clearly beyond someone who is so black and white on the issue to think that someone who thinks not exploding people is exactly the same as saying let everyone in and complete and utter waste of time. So…


          2. linbinius

            Oh the irony of using language like “explode them”.when trying to compel people to care more is not lost on me anyway…

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “when trying to compel people to care”

            Nobody is trying to compel you to care. You’re perfectly free to be an arse and everyone else is free to call you one.

          4. linbinius

            Fair enough moyest. I think you will find the “everyone else” you speak of is becoming a minority though. These are ugly scenes no question. Innocent people wrapped up in horrific situations not of there doing.

            I am an arse though for a different opinion. An opinion you don’t really know.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      “So they should just let them break the law?”

      …You type, as you sip your soya latte at your cosy office desk or kitchen table, wondering which restaurant to book for tonight to celebrate nothing, just because you fancy treating for yourself for doing nothing in particular.

      1. Anomanomanom

        Let’s say your above comment is completely true. Why is that a bad thing. Since your so condescending about people in offices drinking coffee and buying things for them selves I’m assuming your donating all your free cash and time and only buying thing that you need to just about stay a live.

        1. huh?

          Fair play to your innocence if you think we had nothing to do with us. Our governments, our policies, our globalised choices.

          1. linbinius

            This particular crisis (Syrian) has very little to do with us. Ireland. Shannon? Tenuous link. I think it is naive to think continuing down the road of facilitating people smugglers best serves everyone.

            Many nations in the region are far more culpable in there lack of support. It is a fact in scenarios like this places closer to the area are much more suitable.

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Humanity inside of people dies slowly when they carry out acts like this. Remarkably the moral compass of the navy is more important than the people fleeing for their lives to create a better world for themselves and their children …

    1. CousinJack

      That’s cos ‘humanity’ is a construct and doesn’t actually exist. There is no altruism just subtle self interest. Keep deluding yourseld brother, means more soup for me and mine

      1. Deluded

        Errant nonsense. We are a social and interdependent species highly dependent on technology and medicine. If it was up to you and yours you wouldn’t have fire, let alone soup.

        1. linbinius

          Complete nonsense. We are not a “social and interdependent species”. It is ridiculous to think that. True , we are “highly dependent on technology and medicine” but to think access and ability to use the benefits of these things are universal is willfully ignorant.

          1. Deluded

            Clearly some of us are more social than others! Nothing we use originated in Ireland. Our lifestyle is dependent on foreign minerals, energy and technologies and trading in a foreign language ; )
            Without sociability and cooperation we couldn’t spread ideas and raise ourselves above bone rattling and spear waving.

          2. CousinJack

            And we sit back and let the US, French, British and Russian military ensure our access to those resources, and them take he ‘moral ‘ high ground.

            Kids today…..

          3. linbinius

            Deluded, you seem to think our species discoveries in the fields you mention are automatically spread across the globe to help enrich mankind. That is simply untrue. You know this as it is a simple fact.

            You say some are more social than others, and although true, this has no real benefit past the individuals level. Give your friend in N. Korea an iPhone 6 and see how they get on. Give a friend in the DRC Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and see how long they can source/afford it.

            To keep pretending “we are all the same” is far more damaging than helpful and this is highlighted IMO with the refugee crisis.

            You cannot simply displace unprecedented numbers of people and expect it to go well based on goodwill. It seems heartless to say to some but it is rational.

            Ye dig?

    2. Deluded

      Hi Linbinius, we benefit as individuals from all the invisible diligence and attention to detail from all over the world that occasion our lifestyle. Whatever you may feel, services, health and education are not going to run on selfishness and cynicism.
      I’m confused at the reference to a repressive regime with a closed border that exalts in jingoistic pomp.
      I can understand the fear over the clash of cultures*. I wonder why they would reject our values.
      I object to your gross misuse of the word rational.

      *I highly recommend the series Lillyhammer in this regard.

  2. TruthFinder

    Here’s a thought! Instead of giving Turkey 3Billion Yoyo’s to pocket and punish these Syrian fleeing war why not…. oh send a ferry to collect these refugees? Yep, and from the 3billion we then ‘Manage’ the crisis like reasonable people. And then instead of seeing all these real refugees go through hell looking for safety & security, we give each of them some of the 3billion…. Hold on, hold on, then how about we issue them id’s, spread them across Europe, use our media to brain wash Europeans into welcoming them and helping them! Ya, your right…. easier to be a bunch of pig ignorant racist xenophobias creating instability globally and long lasting resentment!

    1. linbinius

      I am not sure if you are joking. What is the sarcastic part and what is the genuine part?

      “easier to be a bunch of pig ignorant racist xenophobias creating instability globally and long lasting resentment!” Who are you talking about?

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