Meanwhile, In Longford




Longford Westmeath Fine Gael TD James Bannon (bottom) fleeing the scene of an alleged [Sinn Féin and Labour party] leaflet pinching incident in Ballymahon, Co Longford this evening and helping Gardai with their inquiries about same (top).

Ask him about the poster thing too.



This evening.

From the Facebook page of Athlone councillor Paul Hogan, Sinn Féin candidate in Longford-Westmeath.


He’s gone bonkers again.

Gardaí attend scene of incident as election tensions rise in Ballymahon (Shannonside)

Paul Hogan (facebook)

Thanks Ronan and Michelle Herbert


Ah here.

Quality spin, in fairness.

79 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Longford

    1. Jackdaw

      Like the Shinners lying yesterday that the concerned citizen who made an eejit out of Mary Lou was the brother of ex Fine Gael TD Seymour Crawford. Only problem as Mr. Crawford confirmed is all his brothers are dead.

      1. rory

        Hold on now. The guy who heckled Mary Lou is Fergus Crawford. At that time he claimed he was a small business owner, when in fact he is a CEO of a Swiss investment firm. He stated to journalists that he would probably vote Fine Gael.
        News sources such as Newstalk and Breaking had claimed he was the brother of Seymour Crawford, which they later retracted. Sinn Fein say they never made such a claim.
        While the likes of An Phoblacht have highlighted that Fergus Crawford is a banker, I have not come across any Sinn Fein related source/link that states they were brothers.

        If you know something I don’t, could you please provide a source/proof that it was a Sinn Fein representative who claimed Fergus Crawford is Seymour Crawfords brother.

      1. Kieran NYC

        No? How did you read that into my comment?

        Also how is he ‘my guy’? He seems at the very least a buffoon.

  1. Grouse

    What I love most about this is the idea that the distribution of leaflets might actually decide the vote either way. That it’s worth your reputation absconding with them.

  2. Kolmo

    It’s not difficult to imagine the apoplectic spasm of hysteric shouty fake outrage the many FG media partners would have if it was a Shinner stroking FG flyers. The greasy suit, they’d rob your pension in a complex investment scheme quicker than a scrote robbing a bike. Aaaaaand it’s gone. Gangsters.

    1. Nice Anne {Dammit}

      Shilling for the Shinners… what a fulfilled life you must have.

      Most people would look at this story no matter who the “villain” was and think, don’t we have some half-bred, half-dragged up fv>kw1tz in politics in this country….. no matter what their political alliance……

      Thank you for your attempt to make this a single party issue. Now, what is Sinn Fein’s stance on mental health care? (No charge for the masterclass)

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I think you’re being pretty harsh there. I don’t think anyone would argue with what Kolmo said to be fair. Whatever your feelings on SF, if the shoe was on the other foot, RTE alone wouldn’t need prompting on how to angle the report on it, let alone the meal FG themselves would make of things.
        As it stands, I don’t think there were any charges pressed.

      2. Kolmo

        I don’t think we disagree…regardless of your opening, if oddly barbed, comment. I’ve no idea what SF plans on the dickensian cluster fupp that is our mental heath system, but you have to concede that Fionnan and his shock troops would be on this like a limpet, for a week, with a 6 page pull out full colour, 3D pop-out step-by-step Paul Williams style cassarole of fake outrage.

        1. Frilly Keane

          I don’t know what the Shinners plans are for our Mental Health System

          But I can promise you this
          It’ll be far better for ALL of us
          Than an’ting Fine Gael have in mind

          And far more acomplished and qualified than Labour’s Kat’leen Lynch.
          FFS. How anyone can keep a straight face and call her Minister is a mystery ta’me.
          Phil Hogan wi’tits.

  3. Chucky R. Law

    Christ, Broadsheet, this is a new low. Reporting about a tweet about a facebook post about an alleged incident of handbags between two clowns.

    And now you’ve made me comment on it. So I’m worse than you.

  4. bertie blenkinsop

    You complain when they post the leaflets, you complain when they rob them back, what do they have to do to make you people happy?

    1. Deluded

      “If you dance for me you may ask of me what you will, and I will give it you, even unto the half of my kingdom.”
      I don’t get many calling, in fairness.

  5. Catherine McEntee

    What a shower of desperados FG are! Sinn Fein deserve a chance, fresh eyes on the cesdpit of poo this country has become. EIRE NUA – SINN FEIN

    1. rory

      Hi Catherine. You are very passionate in your support of Sinn Fein. You come across as quite articulate and knowledgable of the subject.
      I was wondering, if you have the time, if you could read the criticisms of Sinn Fein written by ‘Clampers Outside’ in the comment section of the following link:
      (His avatar is yellow.)

      I’d like to know what you think of all his comments in the page provided, particularly in relation to the subject of paedophilia (i.e. the ‘expulsion’ of paedophiles and rapists into the south via Kangaroo courts.)

      I know it’s asking a lot, so if you do decide to answer, thank you.

      1. Catherine McEntee

        Hello Rory and thank you for your message.

        I think that ‘Clampers Outside’ has a real axe to grind in general and he/ she is conveniently jumping on the Sinn Fein -bashing band wagon along with the multiple whingers on the afore-memtioned page. We all have something we dont particularly like with regard to one political party or another but he/she is
        spouting pure and utter venom for a party they seem
        to know very little about. We all have relatives that
        were in various Republican groups going back over
        the decades – so he/she neednt be placing
        themselves on a podium like goat at Puck Fair
        looking down on all its subjects – we’re all in the
        same boat, they have nothing in their ancestry that we dont all have – they need to get over themselves
        full stop!

        With regard to the alleged cases of abuse, so-called ‘kangaroo courts’ and expulsion to the South of alleged peadophiles/rapists, my gut feeling on this – judging from past experience of negative reporting on all matters Sinn Fein related – is that if there is any truth in it, that truth has been grossly blown out of all proportion to once again attempt to blacken Sinn Fein’s name. Unfortunately sexual abuse is something that is so wide-spread, its in every town, walk of life, culture and country it will therefor be in every political party if the truth was known and the surface scraped. Personally speaking, as someone who has experienced sexual abuse at first hand, I feel it is low and disgusting to throw sickening comments at Gerry Adams in relation to his brother’s actions, that’s a new level of human sickness.

        Michael Martin sticking his snout in the middle of all of this and vocalising his opinions on something he knows zilch about (again) was beyond all realms of ridiculousness – greasy photo-opportunties and interviews catapulted him into the spotlight so his sleazy mission was accomplished in full.

        Going back to ‘Clampers Outside’ and their comments, there are some that thrive on courting the limelight and that will never change – seeing their name on their posts and the other sheep in the herd baa-ing in agreement gives them the reassurance and attention they so weakly crave. Courage is in the person that stands alone and tells the truth and corage is the main trait that has taken Sinn Fein to the soaring heights of success they are experiencing in the lead up to GE16.

        Oiche mhaith agus beannacht

        1. rory

          Thanks for that Catherine. Food for thought.

          I’d just like to say though:
          This post paints Clampers Outside quite negatively. For the record I think he is a great guy who doesn’t deserve some of the personal criticism here.

  6. george

    So, the guy who’s face was the only one not cut out of a series of posters is also the guy who’s team was accused of taking leaflets from letterboxes?

  7. Truth in the News

    Bannon has not realised as of yet, that most political leafting is a waste of paper,money and time indeed the same goes for posters, if all political
    parties got no taxpayers funding, it would end.
    Where was all the money Fianna Fail gathered at the Galway Races, spent
    on leaflets and posters, where did it get them.

    1. makedoanmend

      Show us the study(s) that tells the world that political “literature” (ok, that’s a stretch – big stretch) has no impact.
      go on, go on, go on
      (As for FF, do you really think it was their ineffective leaflet campaign that was the most important factor for their bad showing in the last GE? Really?)
      The better question is why a party that has time and again brought economic disaster to this island still garners so much support. Incroyable et diabolical.
      And the MSM tells us that we must vote for them and/or FG because these parties are responsible protectors of the economy.
      Whose economy? – cause it certainly ain’t mine.
      Good day sir/madame. I said good day.

      1. Truth in the News

        Have you got one that says that this type of junk, convinces the undecided
        to support them.

  8. Frilly Keane

    D’ya know what lads
    I think this is my favourite GE16 story so far

    It’s comical
    From a number of angles

    Government party TD knocking off another lads flyers

    And the Shinner grassing him up

    And then there’s “the apologise or I’ll make a statement….”

    Netflix stuff

  9. Mary O'Nassa

    It is comedic, but it is FG caught red-handed. Ever wonder what they get up to behind closed doors? Doors without letterboxes obviously…….

  10. sheepeyes

    To be fair, I’m sure there was a better way of dealing with this than calling the Gardai. I’m not defending Bannon’s actions but calling in the law seems very po-faced altogether.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Calling the law was probably what gave the story the attention it got, which is why most people got to hear about it.
      It probably didn’t need confirming for some people, & others will pretend it never happened, and others will believe the RTE spin put on it, but it’s still good to know.

      RTE hang you head. You’ve outdone yourselves this GE.

      1. ReproBertie

        Rather than put any sort of spin on it RTÉ had a full report on Morning Ireland and treated it as the comedy sideshow it is. Bannon didn’t take the leaflets, it was one of his leafleteers who subsequently disappeared before the gardaí arrived meaning no arrests could be made. The disappearance left Bannon without transport and, with his mobile dead, he was left to cadge a lift from the gardaí to the barracks to recharge his phone and phone a friend.

          1. ReproBertie

            I heard the same thing, on RTÉ. Of course Bannon attempting a pathetic, off the cuff cover up doesn’t mean RTÉ were spinning anything.

      2. PaddyM

        Bonkers is reported in the Leader this week as having told the FF candidate at one debate that he didn’t want to hit her (wtf?) and calling the Green Party candidate at another debate that he (the Green candidate, lest one harbour any doubts about Bonkers’s masculinity) was a “big sissy”.

        He has also complained to the Bishop over Church interference because of this video. Being slagged off as “the removals man” didn’t go down well, obviously.

  11. Catherine McEntee

    For those making disparaging remarks with regards to Sinn Fein, please inform me of any other party leaders that have said that they will NOT take a ministerial wage if their party wins the election, but will instead take an average wage?

    People repeatedly challenge Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness about their past – they grew up on streets occupied by forces of the crown – the brutalising, maiming and murdering of fellow Catholic family, friends and community members was their norm. If you havent lived through that then you cannot judge them. Which of you could watch your people being mistreated on a daily basis and sit back and take it doing absolutely nothing – it was a war situation.

    It’s so convenient for all of you down here to judge them and point the finger – its a good job yous werent around in 1916 or the whole or Ireland would have remained occupied.

    Shame on you!!!!!

    1. ReproBertie

      Did John Hume not grow up “on streets occupied by forces of the crown” with “the brutalising, maiming and murdering of fellow Catholic family, friends and community members ” as his norm?

    2. ReproBertie

      Also, you might want to check your history book but at the end of 1916 the whole of Ireland “remained occupied”.

  12. Catherine McEntee

    Thanks for your nit-picking lame responses Bertie, you’re a fountain of information. If i need a history lesson i’ll know where not to – now off to Ballymahon with ye – try to keep it clean this time…..

    1. ReproBertie

      You call it nitpicking, I call it correcting your pro-terrorist propaganda.

      I know how much you Shinners like to tell people where they can and can’t go and even like to help move some people around, or have them disappear, when their continued presence could be embarrassing but I have no need to go to Ballymahon thanks.

      1. Catherine McEntee

        You’d want to be moved somewhere that you couldnt be posting your mundane clap-trap Bertie, as they say a little information is a dangerous thing…….your misinformed ramblings are doing no political party any good.

        Your presence on here is embarrassing, do yourself a favour and learn a few facts before you bestow your little nuggets of information on the rest of us – what are your thoughts on euthanasia Bertie, ha ha

        1. ReproBertie

          Who knows, maybe my mundane nuggets of information will help prevent you making that that simple error about 1916 in the future. Unlike you I’m not trying to help any political party and I’m not at all sorry that my presence here is embarrassing you and your pro-terrorist, paedo-protecting party.

  13. Catherine McEntee

    It’s quite clear what I meant in my mentioning of 1916 but keep going dear, you may be able to hash together a few more ‘interesting’ posts on the back of it. I made no error , the likes of you were probably lying in bed with the curtains pulled afraid you’d be asked to do anying as the rising approached back then. No doubt you’ll be gathering dust at home this Easter like a stuffed duck in the corner…….

    There’s nothing you could embarrass me with old chap and Sinn Fein are doing outstandingly well without any help from me.

    1. ReproBertie

      Using a fantasy about imagined roles were we alive for an event 100 years ago has to be the most bizarre attempt at a put down I’ve ever come across. No doubt you like to imagine that you’d be on the front line, loading your lee enfield and taking shots at the enemy. We’re hoping to get past the poxy civil war politics and you want to drag us back even further. Well you and your party can continue living in the past while the rest of us deal with the real world. That’d be the world where Mary Lou and Gerry are cosying up with the likes of Slab Murphy and defending the protection of paedophiles and wondering why more people don’t vote for them.

  14. Catherine McEntee

    Im a realist not a fantasist Bertie – that’s why i am posting under my name not some childish psuedo moniker, first ranking keyboard warrior award goes to you though, so fair play.

    Trying to make sense of your latest effort but not having much luck – its a bit like Father Jack Hackett barking ‘drink!!!’ every so often – same old words in a neverending circle of stuper

    Time to clock off Bertie, you’ll have yourself worn out before you get your chance to put your X against SF’s box friday…..

    1. ReproBertie

      Bertie could be my name. I use a pseudonym because I have a job and sometimes post from work. I know you undoubtedly have a job too but posting in defence of Sinn Féin from their offices is probably something they approve of.

  15. Catherine McEntee

    We all have jobs Bertie and im not going to hide my views from my colleagues, why should I? They have been hoodwinked down here in two-channel land (re: only having RTE1 & RTE2 for decades). Even when more information became available to them via English and American channels and the internet, on the whole most have been drip fed their information by biased media networks and swallow it all without reading and obtaining their own balanced view.This is not North Korea, look past what those in positions of power relay to you.

    Ive never been inside a Sinn Fein office but may well cross the threshold if there is one in the midlands, will you join me?

    1. ReproBertie

      Damn those biased media networks reporting on the SF paedo shuffle policy! Why can’t they report the truth about the glorious struggle in Northern Ireland instead of painting the Enniskillen bombers as terrorists?

      There’s nothing of interest to me in a SF office. It’s bad enough having to live in a constituency with a SF TD. If my fellow constituents voted on actual issues instead of barstool republican fantasies then we might have decent representation. That said SF are not alone in putting useless articles up for election so maybe it doesn’t matter that votes are wasted on them.

      1. Catherine McEntee

        Albert, the fashion in which you repeat yourself is causing me some great concern, may be onset of something, regardless, I do hope that your passion for repeating yourself is as strong when you are asked to list the lives taken by Britsh Paramilitaries, the UVF, , the UDR, the Black and Tans, the RUC, so on and so forth. I fear those deaths would barely raise the flicker of an eyebrow in you, which I find very sad indeed.

        Moving on, you are completely missing the point on why voting for Sinn Fein is fantastic chance for us to have Ireland completely rejuvenated! Their proposed policies are completely viable, they are not some out-of-reach, outlandish and unrealistic garblings – they are thoroughly researched and more than do-able. Give our children a new chance at life that past government has wiped out – how many more will have to leave if FG, Labour or FF win the election? They’re not operationg for the good of the people, just looking after themselves and looking for endless expenses etc – end this fat cat carry-on. Let these leaches participate in endless schemes and courses just so that the Live Register looks as though things are on the up.

        1. ReproBertie

          You respond to every post with some pathetic attempt at an insult or a put down, ignoring everything said and followed up by a completely irrelevant ode to the wonders that SF will deliver.

          My repeatedly highlighting some of the reasons SF should be in a cell rather than an election is not in any way an endorsement of any other party or murdering paramilitary organisation. That you drag in the victims of the troubles is evidence of how low you’ll stoop to try and explain away the illegal activities of your paedo-protecting heroes.

          If that’s really the best you have to offer to promote the party then you might want to tell your supervisor in SFHQ that your time would be better spent stuffing envelopes.

  16. Catherine McEntee

    Bert, as much as id love to go around in circles trying to educate you some more tonight I must accept that you are a lost cause.

    You need not type another word to me, you are lost in your own repetitive world and you point blank refuse to allow an informed view penetrate your bigotted brain.


    1. ReproBertie

      When I come across an informed view I’ll be sure to treat it with the intelligence it deserves. Once again you ignore anything posted and, as demonstrated again with Kieran, try to tell anyone disagreeing with you to go away. Truth hurts, right?

      Did the sons of Roisin die to create a save haven for diesel smugglers and paedo protectors? I very much doubt it.

      1. Catherine McEntee

        As Albert Einstein so eloquently put it, ‘”the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. I could engage with yous and all your sheep the whole of the livelong day and you’d be no further on, still caught in the same safe loop of posting two bob comments degrading Sinn Fein. What a waste of time that would be, I’m a progressive, fairly intelligent woman and have alot to fit into my day, flogging dead horses does not feature highly on my to-do list.

        The sad thing is that you are victims in what the imperialists set out to do many moon ago – ‘divide, rule and conquer’ and you dont seem to have it in you to seek the truth and find out what really happened in the six counties and surrounding areas. Its only a few miles up the road from you, go and talk to people and hear their stories, they are your fellow countrymen, open your minds.

        1. ReproBertie

          You know nothing of where I live or where I have lived so spare me the “you weren’t there man, you don’t know” baloney.

          You claim to be progressive but you’re obsessed with the past. What has what happened in Northern Ireland to do with who should be elected to represent me in the Dáil in 2016? There are issues in this republic that need addressing and lamenting the sons of Roisín won’t do a single thing to alleviate the housing crisis.

  17. Catherine McEntee

    Get to your cot Kieran, your late contribution ten words of an offering in a long discussion has obviously taken all you’ve got.

    I’d relay to you reams of names and ask you what they were killed for but you wouldnt have the ability to string an informed reply together in response, you’re out of your depth, know your place.

  18. Catherine McEntee

    You managed fifteen words there, things are looking up Kieran! Your cheap remark speaks volumes.Telling someone to go to bed when they clearly have nothing new or interesting to add to a conversation is not a threat. If you perceive that as a threat then you should seek help. Good day to you sir.

  19. PaddyMac

    who’d have thought the shinners would be the ones running for the gardai… that must be a first..

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