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          1. dedeluded

            Be warned though – they have an additional charge for oversized items that don’t fit in their boxes. (Think it’s about €10). On the plus side, they will then deliver to your house.

          2. Mikeyfex

            I do Fergus. I’d guess that Meadowlark is commenting on her phone. When the reply indents reach the furthest they go (after 4 replies) the app still allows you to reply to a comment and your reply will appear directly under the comment you’ve hit reply to. Commenting in a web browser doesn’t allow this so replies, like this one, end up down the bottom, destined to be missed.

  1. Condescending Nana

    Can one not order online and then collect it directly from the Belfast shop? worth the day trip.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        A VR version of George Clooney climbs out of the screen each morning carrying the days paper and a coffee, then he sits at the end of your bed, rolls up the duvet and massages your feet.

      2. Markskids

        You would be looking at a top end i7 processor , solid state drive and a better graphics card than these have to start. Plus they usually skimp on the gfx cards, they are ok but not what you’d want at that price , they use AMD ones if I recall and you can’t swap them out, unless I’m thinking of a different model as I haven’t kept up to date with these recently.

        If you needed that spec you would likely be capable of building your own really.

        For many using these it would be akin to driving a ferrari to pick up the kids at school.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            @ meadowlark: The HTML one? Yeah, I was already pretty alright with HTML though. There’s only a select few codes that work on Broadsheet, but enough to be worthwhile.
            I seem to remember BS displayed which HTML codes worked while making a reply at some point?

    1. well, tat's that

      But are they as pretty?*

      *this is rhetorical, the answer is no, you can go hug your ugly Dell and leave us alone. The question was why is it more expensive, not, give me your opinion on how much of a rip off Apple in general is?

      1. Anomanomanom

        I didn’t say rip off. Iv no problem with apple, but since the post was about difference in price I gave another option on price, which is a different brand. But nothing against apple. I personally just prefer high end quality not high end prices.

      2. Anne

        who the fupp are these blow-ins, telling us what we can and can’t talk about.

        Apple products are overpriced poo.

      1. well, tat's that

        Drones or not, people don’t want to be judged for their choices. Opinions are like a**eholes, everyone has one but you only want to know some peoples and it can be considered quite rude to give yours unsolicited.

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          “people don’t want to be judged for their choices” People who buy Apple do

          I only ever give my a**hole solicited thank you, I’m not some floozy you know…

        2. Anomanomanom

          So if someone is buying something and getting ripped off (which apple buyers are not because they know the price is higher just to have apple) I don’t see the problem in telling them. It just might be the case they genuinely didn’t know cheaper equally good or better products are around and if they did know then no harm done.

          1. Anne

            Who the fupp do you think you are, giving advice when it’s not been asked for?
            Just messin’.

            “It just might be the case they genuinely didn’t know cheaper equally good or better products are around and if they did know then no harm done.”

            Yeah some people think smart phones are synonymous with iphones and iPads are the only tablets you can get. The mother in her 70s has asked me what type of iPhone I have. I have a HTC.
            She bought a 4 or 500 dollar iPad in the U.S. A pile of fupping poo that you can’t hook anything up to unless it’s Apple poo.

            It’s all Apple with the young wans too. The auld wans and young wans … everyone else with a bit of sense doesn’t bother with Apple.

        3. rotide

          People absolutely want to be judged for their choices. It’s why apple products are so popular. It’s why we have a fashion industry.

  2. Owen C

    Currency differences are not followed through into product pricing on a day to day basis. Usually done/revised every few months. So this would be based on a pricing decision made 3-4 months ago when EUR/GBP was more like 72p area (still a difference, but a much smaller difference. Would see if it changes over the next few months.

  3. JD

    Why would you think iMacs are made in Cork? Apple’s EMEA corporate headquarters are in Cork, manufacturing is in China. The price difference you see is currency.

    – Apple Certifed Macintosh Technian

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