How I Voted And Why



Voting this morning in St. Joseph’s National School on the Navan Road, Cabra in the Dublin West constituency

You’ve had your say.

Now have your say. Again.


Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews




Pram-bound Pug puppy Otto at a polling station in Clondalkin, Dublin 22 this evening.

Thanks Mark McCormack

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217 thoughts on “How I Voted And Why

  1. Martin Heavy-Guy

    It took a long time to come to the decision but…

    Worker’s Party, Labour and Social Democrats got the top-spots. People Before Profit and Green Party got a nod. Numbers in descending order for the loathsome rest (it’s more difficult at that end of the table, but I’m following advice that numbers can be important right down to 9 & 10).

    Although I have issues with Labour, they have an excellent plan for government and they would have a real chance to show their cards only if they had a majority (slim chance, but anyway).

    Worker’s Party have very healthy policies too, and little possible representation, but one or two candidates getting in could help em along.

    Social Democrats I have some doubts about, but I hope they will make the difference when their chance comes.

    I’m still hopeful that there could be a left-wing alliance between smaller parties, but unfortunately it would need a lot of filtered down Labour votes because there won’t be enough if they don’t take 20-25 seats. It’s looking like gombeens plus pitiful extras again, but you never know…

        1. Barry the Hatchet

          I’m not at all convinced by this article, particularly because it doesn’t give any concrete examples. I give preferences to a few candidates and then I inevitably get to a point where all the remaining candidates are equally loathsome. What possible benefit is there to me in giving them a preference?

          1. Martin Heavy-Guy

            If you feel that way then it’s fine. But I would still take, for example, loathsome FG before I would think that my non-vote would mean a one-vote advantage to loathsome Renua, so I use all votes, just in case.

          2. medieval knievel

            the article makes a poor fist of explaining why you should fill out all preferences.
            but; people seem to regard giving a preference as being an ‘i want this person in government’ statement; it’s not necessarily, it’s an ‘i *prefer* this person over the person below them in my preference order’.
            an example; i am not a sinn fein voter, but say there’s a sinn fein candidate and a loony candidate who wants to deport gays and protestants to greenland. i don’t like the SF candidate, and don’t want them in power, but would accept they’re *preferable* to the lunatic. so i give the SF candidate my 12th preference, and the lunatic my 13th; so i’m increasing the chances that in a tie between the two, the SF candidate will get the nod.
            in short, you vote in decreasing order of goodwill towards the candidates you like, and then increasing order of ill-will towards the candidates you don’t.

  2. Shane


    Green, FF, FF, FG, Ind, etc

    Voted green to give the guy a boost, even though he will be tossed out on the first count or two. FF best of a poor lot in my area

    A certain labour minister waaaaaay down the list

    1. ReproBertie

      Maybe so that you can change your mind before the ballot goes in the box?

      Or maybe DOB owns a pencil company.

      Opening a ballot box and going at it with an eraser is probably the dumbest and most labour intensive way to go about fixing an election.

      1. Tony Hayers

        It’s due to the fact that if the box and contents get wet, pencil carbon doesn’t run, whereas ink does.

  3. lolly

    Green 1 – first time ever I’ve given a green no. 1 (normally a labour voter). Soc Dems 2, and then another independent or two then labour then a bit of FG followed by a couple of looper independents and finally at position 16 came Renua

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      as bad as everyone else is Renua seem to be the most hated of them all.

      Thats quite an achievement for a party that never got into power.

      1. The Real Jane

        Renua will never get a vote off me, a party invented to keep the 8th amendment, keep women dying, keep women being force fed on gurneys, keep women being artifically kept alive while being destroyed by infections.

        Also, rewarding work always means punishing people not in work. That can go where it likes too.

    2. Medium Sized C

      The underrated benefit of voting all the way down is how good it feels putting the person you dislike the most at the bottom.

  4. Nially

    Dublin Bay South – Greens, then Soc Dems, then PBP, then a hodgepodge of less-crazy independents, then Labour, FG (x2), SF, FF, and finally the crazier indepedents.

    And none for Lucinda Weiners.

    1. Nially

      As for the why, they seem like the least bad of a generally terrible bunch, and while ineffective, I’d rather have a TD who I think is trying to do the right thing badly, rather than one who’s very efficient at doing terrible stuff.

  5. Nially

    On the plus side, based on current BS feedback, the Greens are on course for an overwhelming national majority! Fair play, lads!

  6. Frankie

    Laois – Labour 1 and FG 2 and 3. Tiny field of six candidates – will never trust FF again, don’t trust SF and the other is a Green. Like the Labour guy: he doesn’t toe the party line.

    Not a huge fan of the way the government has handled things, but I don’t think that FF/SF would have done any better. The Govt should do more about communicating things while they keep the truck on the road. So even though I don’t really agree with everything they did, I believe in voting so I went out and did my bit for democracy.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      “Like the Labour guy: he doesn’t toe the party line.”

      I wish more people realised they’re voting for a party and not one person just because they’re nice or did something for the locals.

    2. ahjayzis

      If he’s still in Labour, he toes the party line to the fullest extent.

      He might not speak the same way they do, but he votes as he told and that’s all that matters.

      1. Martin Heavy-Guy

        But I think the justification is fair. If there is a small pool and you have a choice to bring in FF and SF, and you don’t believe they’ll do any better (I couldn’t agree more on that point) then the justification is fair, regardless of towing the line.

  7. Ahemhem

    Dublin Bay South..
    Social Democrats no.1, PBP no. 2, local independent no. 3, ahem the local pro-choice FG lady, no. 4 (one of only TWO people in our area, including much more supposedly left-wing people, who not only wants the 8th repealed but wants women to be able to make these decisions by themselves, with their doctors, in their own country). I stopped there. I didn’t know it was better to fill the card even if you grossly dislike everyone else!

  8. Whatevers

    Dublin South Central

    #1 Renua Michael Gargan.
    I agree with some Renua principles, especially in relation to tackling cronyism, corruption and white collar crime. The Indo hates Lucinda for her bringing up [REDACTED] in the Dail and for that I like them even more.

    #2 SocDem Liam Coyne
    Too fuzzy in areas of importance to me, but they’re still miles ahead of any of the rest.

    #3 (Ind) Paul Hand
    Good local councillor with values close to mine in some areas

    #4 (Green) Oisin Ó hAlmhain
    Nice guy, we need the Greens in some aspect and I felt sorry for him after being filleted on live television by Vincent Browne

    (Ind) Joan Collins will top the poll here and doesn’t need my vote – if she did she’d get my no1 though just for taking on the massive liability of potential High Court costs in challenging the Govt over the legality of the Promissory Notes.

    Overall I’d love to see Renua and SocDems reach the magic 2% number so they can avail of funding for the next GE and that’s why they’re top of my list, we need new parties in this country, and the SocDems and Renua are the only ones that have tackling corruption high on their priorities.

      1. Whatevers

        Joan Collins is facing financial ruin, taking a case on behalf the Irish People to the High Court on the legality of the Promissory Notes. That one single action will probably be more than you do for your brethren in your entire life.

        1. Martin Heavy-Guy

          You can’t really vote for Renua as top choice and then speak about doing something for your brethren…

          1. Whatevers

            Renua have peoples interests at heart, just not necessarily your interests. Welcome to democracy.

            Me, I’m looking at the bigger picture here. I don’t expect the Renua candidate to get anywhere close to a seat but we need credible opposition and Renua have put a lot of focus on white collar crime, cronyism and corruption which has our country destroyed. Giving them my #1 is to help them get to the 2% national vote.

        2. Cian

          A case with zero chance of victory and which is utterly pointless – not really something to be lauded for considering it’ll just end up costing us more money when she can’t cover the costs orders against her.

          1. martina

            Inane analysis of such an important issue. If she loses that means the SC agree the Minister for Finance can take on any amount of debt on behalf of the State.

        3. :-Joe

          Hat’s off to you, you’re dead right.

          Joan and Clare are my top two best politicians from the last 5 years.
          Forward thinking, straight talking and hard working.

          A dynamite duo kicking against the pricks.


  9. Murtles

    Voting after work but you can be darn sure that an Independent will get my first X.
    Always wondered how do they know which X I put down first though? CCTV?

      1. Murtles

        Of course. The first 3 preferences are X, Y, Z then back to the start of the alphabet for the rest if you want. That’s how they do it.

        1. rotide

          Maybe a system of Emoji’s would be better.

          Ranging from Crying Laughing all the way down to Red Face Squeezy Eyes Anger

  10. Frida

    In the absence of a Social Democrat candidate running in my constituency, I gave Carol Hunt my number 1 because although I’m not crazy that she works for the Sindo (people have to work somewhere I suppose…) and someone said she’s pro-Israel, I liked the article she wrote here on BS a few days ago.

    Richard Boyd Barrett got my number 2. The Green Guy Ossian Smyth, number 3. Not a great selection really. Mary Mitchell O’Thingy got my number 11!

    1. Ahemhem

      I didn’t know Carol Hunt was running! I’ll have to look for her Broadsheet article. How interesting.

  11. Sligo-Leitrim Fella

    This is my 7th general Election to vote in (89, 92, 97, 02, 07, 11, 16) and up to the last election, I always voted all the way down the paper, and gave everyone (except SF) a number. Here in Sligo-Leitrim-South Donegal-West Cavan we have 18 candidates. I voted:

    1, Independent Alliance
    2, Independent
    3, Green
    4, AAA/PBP
    5, Independent
    6, Labour
    7, FF
    8, FF
    9, FG

    Nothing to 3rd FF, other 2 FG, other 3 Ind, Renua or 2 SF.

  12. The Real Jane

    Anne Ferris Labour – admire her on the issue that counts, the 8th amendment. I mailed her before to tell her this and got a lovely response.
    Donnelly Social Democrats

    I see Renua have taken on Billy Timmons. That’s all you need to know about Renua.

  13. Clampers Outside!

    Do your own BS, you’re not cogging mine mister !

    Ah, only messin’ ….I’m just waiting to see what Frilly does so I can do the opposite :)

    Mani has already told Ma Clampers what to do.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Joan C
      Green Lad

      BTW it looks like Labour a doing very well in the Broadsheet Tally

  14. DubLoony

    Independent people’s trotsky republic of Dublin South Central.
    6 right 2 change candidates, so the battle for no.15 was tough but won by SF O’Snodaigh.

    No. 1 Eric Byrne, Labour.

  15. Kieran

    Dublin Bay South

    1. Eamon Ryan, Green Party
    I think the Greens are a force for good and would like to see them have one or two sitting TDs to allow the party to rebuild, even if they can be a bit inept in govt.

    2. Glenna Lynch, Soc Dems
    Don’t know much about her, but I did like a lot of what Stephen Donnelly and Catherine Murphy did and said from the opposition benches. Plus when Stephen Donnelly was on the telly a few years back i drew a picture of him on an egg and it resembled him perfectly so when he showed up on the telly this time my missus yelled out hey, it’s the little egg fella. I had completely forgot about it but it felt good to be recognised for my work, even if it was just a pair of glasses drawn on an egg.

    3. Annette Mooney, AAA-PBP
    Again, I know nothing about her, but I do think the AAA could make for a good opposition if they choose their battles correctly.

    4. Kevin Humphreys, Labour
    The Labour party should be brought before Trading Standards for having a misleading name given that they don’t represent anyone that works or wants to work for a living. I’d have more respect for them if they rebranded to the Fupping Over Poor People Because They’re Poor And We Can Party because the notion that the Labour party represents a Labour movement is absurd at this stage.
    That said, Kevin Humphreys knocked twice at my door during the Marriage Equality referendum so he gets a distant 4th for that.

  16. Owen C

    53 comments in, and no one voting a high preference for SF? Should we be downgrading our expectations for them, or is this just a BS-related anomaly?

    1. rotide

      What is massively interesting is that for a group of people who have been predicting the utter decimation of the labour party for the last 6 months, they have shown more strongly than anyone other than the SDs in this particular poll.

      1. Willie Banjo

        Broadsheet commentariat always struck me as socially liberal and economically neo-liberal/conservative….PDlike. So I would expect most to vote Labour or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Labour (Soc dems or dem socks).

      2. Martin Heavy-Guy

        I think Labour presented a strong front when push came to shove. They have good policies, national experience, and (some) good people. You can’t agree with everyone all the time, but I was swayed in the last fortnight by the manifesto in particular.

        Nice to see the feedback on Soc Dems polling strong too.

        But yes, there is no proof in a Broadsheet reader’s poll unfortunately. This would be my favourite election ever if it went as commented here.

          1. Martin Heavy-Guy

            I do remember the key push for them was a referendum on gay marriage. Not sure if they ever got round to it though.

          2. Martin Heavy-Guy

            Traditionally always a Labour voter. Gave up on them half-way through this campaign (check my comment history – I’ve never said any differently). I then read the manifestos of each party, as I did last election, as I will do again in 5 years time (not the entire thing from any party, naturally, but as much as possible). Gave fair weighting to each. Realised Labour deserved a vote again (didn’t give them my number one).

            And if you look at the plan for government, then they have every right to ‘claim that one’. They pencilled it.


          3. Martin Heavy-Guy

            If they had won a majority last time they would have had more sway over what to put forward in a plan for government. Doesn’t matter now anyway, the whole exercise was futile.

  17. Mikier

    Dublin Bay North:

    1. Soc Dem
    2. Green Party
    3. FG
    4 Indo
    5. Lab

    Continued on with mostly indo’s (not McGrath tho) and SF, AAA’s last.

  18. Steve

    After work …but FG, SD and labour all the way baby. I’m still figuring out whether to leave Mary Lou blank or with preference 15. Either way, it’s still going to be the most enjoyable part of the day.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… to all the FG haters…you need Kenny and noonan. Your guilty conscience may move you to vote independent or AAA/WTF , but deep down you long for a cold hearted FG Taoiseach to lower USC, brutalise criminals AND rule you like a king. That’s why you need to vote FG. So as to save you from yourselves!!!

    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      Interesting swing between political ideologies there – FG to SD in particular!

      But anyway, glad to see FG getting some love in here, we haven’t had enough trolling responses on this page yet.

    1. SB

      Rathdown: Green, Ind (Ross), FG (Josepha Madigan), and, on the spur of the moment, FF (White). Stopped there, don’t like the way most leftie parties want to increase tax if you’ve got a decent job, even if you have a partner and numerous kids to support and are already shelling out most of your income in tax. Oh, and don’t like Shatter. And I agree with water charges, of some reasonable sort.

  19. Gearoid

    Dublin Bay North

    1) Averil (Ind)
    2) Stephanie (FG)
    3) Richard (FG)
    4) Aodhán (Labour)
    5) Cian (SD)
    6) Donna (GP)
    7) Deirdre (FF)
    8) Naoise (FG)
    20) Terrance (Renua)

    Would have given higher vote to SD & GP but quite uninspiring candidates in my constituency unfortunately.

  20. TynanC

    Kildare North

    1) FF
    2) Renua
    3) Greens
    4) Indo
    5) Indo
    6) Indo
    7) AAA-PBP
    8) Indo
    9) FG
    10) Labour
    11) Soc Dems
    12) FG
    13) SF
    14) FF

    1. Bonzor

      Same constituency, Kildare North

      1. Green – Ní Fhallúin 
      2. SD – Murphy
      3. Labour – Stagg
      4. Ind – Young
      5. Ind – Beirne

      Why? I think Ireland is better when the Greens are part of the national conversation. You’d swear we didn’t face huge planning, environmental and social justice problems the way this campaign has unfolded. So I’d like to see them back, and to get the all important 2%. Murphy No.2 because she’s a legend, obviously, Stagg No. 3 because I’d favour Labour over the rest, and two independents I’ve no faith or interest in because I wanted to put at least 5 down.

    1. Ronan

      Why only vote 2 preferences in a 3 seater. Surely you have *some* preferences as to who gets the third seat.

  21. sheepeyes

    Reporting from Longford-Westmeath:

    Penrose (Labour)
    Geraghty (FG)
    Sexton (Ind)

    And that was it. Being honest, v uninspiring candidates round my way. But nice to see so many people out in the small rural areas making their voices heard today.

      1. Sheepeyes

        I live in Dublin so I don’t give two fupps for how well the roads hold up in Longford to be honest. I’m a Labour supporter and I like Penrose.

        1. Praetorian.

          So you’re of no benefit to your community at all…either your home town or Dublin…seeing as you’re now residing in Dublin one would think one would make an effort to partake in its politics…seeing as you’re a fan of ‘Parish Pump’.

          1. sheepeyes

            I volunteer, I vote and I work hard and pay taxes to benefit my communities in both Dublin and Longford. I’m not so fussed about the state of the roads because I believe that there’s more important things to consider when voting than who promises to smooth the tarmac outside my house. As a Sinn Fein voter I’m not sure what you think you’re doing for your community except supporting a populist party with a tenuous grip on maths. So why don’t you keep your insults to yourself. Cheers.

    1. PaddyM

      I hate to break the news to you, but Gerety is FF.

      As far as the love for Labour goes, the Broadsheet comment threads are Culture War Obsessive Central. This is pretty much Labour’s heartland these days.

      My very last preference went to James “Bonkers” Bannon. He has entertained us long enough.

  22. Fairhill

    Limerick City
    SD then AAA then SF, bit of Green
    Nothing for Baldie, FG, or son of Baldie, Kieran, -2 for Willie, F off Jan, F off Catholic Democrat Nora effing Bennis

      1. Fairhill

        Who said I was talking to anyone outside of Limerick? It’s sure Baldie Noonan had been on the news now and again? I will give you Nora Bennis, in fact anybody can take Nora Bennis

  23. Stuey Ungar


    Keddy 1
    Cuffe 2

    So when Keddy is eliminated after the first count, there will likely be 1 (and only 1) transfer to Cuffe and that will be me.

    And if Keddy is eliminated after the first count, and there are no transfers to Cuffe, I will know that the whole thing is a sham and I will demand that the election is rerun.

  24. Neilo

    1 FF
    2 FF
    3 RENUA
    4 LAB
    5 FG

    No further transfers as I loathe the Trots and the Provos and the local independents are single-issue punchlines in search of a joke.

    ‘The Beard’ will top the poll in a constituency where two police officers have been murdered in the last three years – by sociopaths from the fetid IRA gene pool – and I will cry for my county.

  25. Lilly

    1. Independent 2. People Before Profit 3. Green. Miscellaneous FG, Labour, Renua, FF to the bottom of the pile in descending order of uselessness.

    1. manolo

      Why do you feel that you have to digging so deep? Why not stop once you have run out of people you really want in the Dail?

      1. Lilly

        Because you get the most bang for your buck allegedly if you go right the way through the numbers. It’s counter intuitive I know, like leaning out of the ski slope.

        1. manolo

          I voted from 1st to 3rd option only. If none of them benefits from my vote, so be it. I genuinely wouldn’t want any of the others to be elected.

  26. rotide

    Bodger, why do certain articles get moved randomly further up the running order?

    It happens all the time and gets confusing when trying to locate other artciles

    1. Bodger

      Very sorry Rotide. If a post has a ‘high thread count’ we might slip it back onto the website’s home page. We can stop.

  27. manolo

    In the absence of SD in Dun Laoghaire I voted Ind (Carol Hunt)/PBP/GP and nothing else.

    I though I should mention that did influence my first choice.

  28. Daisy Chainsaw

    Wexford – Soc Dems, AAA/PBP, some Independents and Green.

    Couldn’t justify voting for any of the four main parties and the Renua candidate dropped out last year, probably because he realised they were a bunch of reactionary conservatives.

  29. Declan

    Greens followed by Soc Dem, Labour, FG and something for everyone else all the way down.

    My green first preference will get redistributed to the Soc Dem’s but it might be of some use to them if they get over 2% of national first preferences. I hope the Soc Dem’s do well and I wouldn’t mind seeing Labour not damaged too much ; )

    1. Ronan

      I think Greens will be a surprise and out perform polls. Lots of 2s and 3s for them after no hoper candidates so if they can stay in the race beyond the first count they’ll pick them up. Also probably attractive to some undecideds who can’t hack FF or FG yet, want to punish Labour, but aren’t as left leaning (or as opposed to water charges) as PBP, AAA or SF

  30. Junkface

    I voted Social Democrats, Greens, Independents, and again, and again,

    Two fingers to FF and FG especially

  31. Ronan

    Dublin Rathdown (where had there been a SD candidate he/she would have got my 1)

    FG (not shatter)
    FG (shatter)
    Sinn Fein

  32. blueswannabe

    I didn’t, because I wasn’t on the register, mind you I was the Friday before last but new Register came into effect the Monday after. Sickened.

  33. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Dublin South West.

    Bereft of a SD contender I went A – Z
    (AAA / AAA / SF / SF / Zappone*)
    Then I stopped because I’d lost interest.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Shurrup Nessy.
          It was me reluctant No. 5 out of 21 and my final say on the matter. It was never going to matter, was it?

          I like lesbians.
          Deal with it.

          1. Nessy

            She got elected over FG’s “I’ll take a selfie over social housing” Dermody – made all the difference ;)

  34. Frilly Keane

    Yere all fulla poo

    Greens n’Labour tally toppers with Demsocs ….


    Wait’ll those boxes open up tomorrow

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I’m with YOU Frilly, I think.
      Half the time I haven’t got a clue what you’re saying, (because you seem to make up new words just for the sake of it), but I know your heart is in the right place.

      Víva an rebholúsean!

    2. Frilly Keane

      You talking ta’me there Same’oh?

      Nathin’ pseudo ’bout my Colours lad

      Republican Nationalist
      Loud n’ proud bhiy

  35. Nessy

    Dublin South West

    1 AAAPBP
    2. AAAPBP

    No other transfers. Polling station was jam packed and had a queue out the door. Great to see

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Fair play Nessy..
      I agree with your choices AND your sentiment.

      I’m also in your constituency, (DSW, which is one of the most progressive in the country and we should be proud of that), so consider your vote doubled, at least.

      I don’t know of any neighbour that would vote any other way.

  36. martco

    1. AA
    2. SF
    3. IND
    4. IND
    5. GP
    thought hard about leaving it there but went with the use all prefs option in end….
    so did 6-11 the rest all as bad as each other Lab, FF, FG, Renua

    like a few above wrote pity about no SD candidate in the area defo would have had high pref from me

    no exit pollsters

    oh and burn in hell Labour indeed though I’ve stopped feeling betrayed by you a couple of years ago now, you’re not Labour just another brand

  37. Ron

    Longford Westmeath

    1. SF
    2. AAAPBP
    3. IND/OTH

    Followed down through rest of IND candidates except Kevin Boxer Moran

  38. Liz

    1. Smollen, Irish Democratic Party
    2. Independent, the Tipeprary fella, as a protest vote
    3. Green. Who, based on their stint in gov’t, stand for getting walked over and then leaving just in time to undo important environmental legislation. So, a protest vote only. Don’t want to see them in government ever again.
    4. That poor woman from Birr who would be et alive if she was elected, but she’s independent. Protest vote.

    Couldn’t stomach voting for anyone else. However, Offaly will have to be rerun because Remewa, the Social Democats, and Feline Gael WERE NOT on the ballot despite being candidates. Someone has some very serious questions to answer.

  39. Ahh Feck

    Seems like a SD candidate in Dun Laoghaire would have done well. I would have voted for one.

    In the absence of one:
    1] Carol Hunt
    2] Labour
    3] Greens
    4] FG
    5] PBP

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        An SD candidate in EVERY CONSTITUENCY would give us a government to be proud of.
        -Next time, maybe…

        Or the time after that.

        It cannot come soon enough.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      You shouldn’t have bothered at all Peter.
      It so much effort, getting that duvet off your head for such a futile exercise in proclaiming your stand on matters you don’t understand.
      -You should leave this stuff to the adults.

      You threw your vote away.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Slow down Peter…
          There’s a difference between ‘I don;t agree…‘ and ‘I disagree’.

          Your right to speak coherent English has not been diminished.
          – No, hang on a minute…it has.

          Move along…

    1. :-Joe

      Just curious,

      Why did you give your 1 and 2 to the Greens and then FF or Renua ?

      If you don’t mind me asking?…


  40. kirkbadaz

    1 & 2 AAA
    3-8 independents except Zappone cause of her dodgy expenses
    SF got a mention somewhere in the low teens. then more indos
    LP FF FG Zapone and last was Anne Marie Dermody in 21st place cause Dail Eireann needs less FG landlords.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Like I said kirkbadaz, DSW is probably the most progressive and consolidated constituency in the country.
      When we vote WE VOTE, like LEGO, in a blok.
      -We’re very much underestimated and ten years ahead of the rest of them.
      -Being Working-Class doesn’t make you automatically stupid, it makes you angry, automatically.
      -Anger is an energy.© J.L.
      We shall pervail. Just watch.


      What WE do in this election is what others will do in forthcoming elections.
      That’s how it’s always been.
      -They need to get used to it.

    1. realPolithicks

      I would have thought the SF lads would have been higher on your list. You’ve spoken very highly of them on many occasions…;)

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        @ realPolithicks

        Consider me a bit ‘stupid’ or something if you like, but have you ever said something that wasn’t reactionary?

        There seems to be a crew in here, constantly trying failing to subvert the common consensus, but always wide of the mark.

        I don’t really care.
        I think you’re funny.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Clampers has ALWAYS displayed a misunderstanding towards Sinn Féin.
          Clampers thinks she’s voting to rectify the ‘past’,
          (If I say Clampers is a girl Clampers is a girl, until Clampers corrects me, okay?’)

          I tend to vote for the future.
          Clampers wouldn’t exist in my future. People wouldn’t be so one-dimensional and myopic.

          Just sayin’…

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Get a grip Frilly…

        Voting for Renua is the new Voting for Fianna Fáil.
        -Ain’t nobody gonna admit to dat.
        -Not in public, even under a pseudonym. Never. No way..

  41. poppy

    Its a tool for irish citizens to use , just in case you are not aware of it. Supose a property is ‘rented’ and locals are clueless as to owner. Go along to property records, a 10 minute walk from 4 courts tram service, pay a few euro and printed property details are printed for you. Missed a p there!! Be aware.!!!!!

  42. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Thank you BS, for deleting all of the idiotic comments I was responding to but leaving mine untouched.

    I don’t look like a bigger idiot than you’ve always made me look, so I got that going for me.

    Let me remind you;

    I’m not stupid.
    I’m mad.
    Very, very mad, inna angry stylee…

    Only messin’….
    I’m too stoned to be angry.

    Enjoy the weekend boyz ‘n’ gurlz.
    Joan is due her knockout punch near midday, so don’t switch off your radio.

    Today will be a good day.

  43. Deluded

    1. Green
    2. Labour
    3. FG

    As a Person Of Turf I had a limited field and no Social Democrats to choose from. I know most of the candidates and put the more regressive, repressive or stupidly selfish at the bottom.

  44. :-Joe

    Thank fupp it’s over for at least a week anyway…

    The last few weeks have been frustrating trying to think of how to help bring about the demise of the Empire of sh1te (FG/FF + LAB) I was torn with the idea that the best way to shift the balance of power might be to help get SF in asap and give them a chance to form a coalition with the non-established and more progressive independents and smaller newer parties who prioritise social issues and equality.

    After doing some research and subsequent hard thinking, hic., it seems that as usual, it’s back to year zero, a hundred year rewind and civil war politics have prevailed unsurprisingly yet again. The country can’t seem to mobilise en masse for a revolution to sweep the clowns aside and try something different. The concise definition of insanity.

    So, it seems SF are likely to make overall gains regardless. One of their candidates in my constituency got caught abusing his love of printing at the expense of the taxpayer, their other candidate is brand shining new and both have not inspired anything that I had noticed so I decided not to bother giving them a first preference. If it had to be a choice from one of the current “Leaders” to form a majority coalition or partnership I honestly would prefer SF over the rest.

    In terms of Harlem Globetrotters, Dream-team, It would be great, albeit idealistic, to have a majority government from a mix of a united bunch of independents like Clare Daly, Joan Collins, Dicky Boyd Barrett, Mick Wallace, Brid Smith, the 3 SD’s, Shane Ross and some of his gang, Eamonn and the best of the greens, maybe renua and a few more with outside experts in their field….

    Anyway it’s fun to fantasise….

    All-right, I went in to the polling station with my favourite sword of democracy in hand…
    I eye’d up the hopeful faces staring back at me from the ballot, each for a brief moment pausing to think about all their hopes and dreams that now were in my hands….

    I immediately drew Hitler moustaches, sharks black dead eyes and a thick black swastika in the box beside on all FG/FF/LAB candidates… MuaAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!! Revenge is sweeeeet as the finest sweet sugar dipped in the sweetest, sweet honey of the angriest wild bees !!!!

    After about 5 mins of stabbing their photo’s and laughing maniacally, drunk on the illusion of power I finally calmed down and set about “making a difference to society”…. ye sure…

    1, Joan Collins – Independent .
    2. Brid Smith – PBP/AAA.
    3. Oisin O’Halmhain – Greens.
    4. Paul Hand – Independent.
    5. Neville Bradley – Direct Democracy
    6. Liam Coyne – Social Democrats.
    7. Richard Brady – Independent.
    8. Michael Gargan – Renua
    9. Maire Devine – SF
    10. O’Snodaigh Ink Supplies….( We ll love a bit of a rogue, don’t we? )

    As usual I’m voting for the serious social issues and a strong opposition some attention to climate and new technologies against the establishment that does not care.

    I’m happy if Joan Collins get’s in again, an honest, hard working, socially conscientious politician who thinks global and acts local.

    Sadly, her kind are very few and far between.


  45. Jared Katooie

    Voted up a storm yesterday.

    Gave first preference to the Green guy, your man with beard. Gave a vote to Independents 4 change (despite my burning hatred of people who use numbers as replacements for prepositions), AA and indies followed, and finally gave 6th preference (reluctantly) to Labour.

    I always feel a kind of pressure, of responsibility, when heading to vote. It’s a weight off my shoulders to sit back now and wait for the rest of the country to elect a Fianna Fail or Gianna Gael government again, just like they have for the past 80 years.

  46. Bobby


    I did not vote because Syriza in Greece, Hamas in Gaza, Popular Unity in Chile and Republicans in Spain etc etc. The only results are the ones that are allowed, I think I can contribute more to society than a couple of millimeters of lead. Parliamentary democracy is a joke, parliaments have become de facto defunct and voting for representation that you have no influence over whatsoever is like a child’s version of how to make decisions.

    I once again refused to participate, so I don’t feel responsible for providing legitimacy to whatever gimmicks who form the next limited-powered national government. Can anyone else think of anyone other way to run society apart from several votes a lifetime? If not, you and I are doomed.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Get a grip Bobby.
      That’s nothing more than a simplified version for dummies.

      I’m not saying that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      Maybe you do.

      1. Bobby

        Yes I know, it’s hard trying to explain reality and politics to most people face to face, even family members, so everything I say on the internet is a simplified version for dummies yes.

        Having a good strong political philosophy and is complicated. Most people think politics is in a parliament. I’d also say that after over a decade of strenuously trying to understand the world and it’s workings, I would say I still have a hard time grasping some things and I don’t always know exactly what I’m talking about, if I don’t, I’ll go learn something about it. though that doesn’t say much for most other people.

        Would you believe that every single person I spoke to, without exception, knew far, far less about the Irish state, the parties, their policies, their history, individual candidates etc. Yet they went out and voted anyway, they don’t even know what they’re voting for, never mind being able to craft an alternative reality.

        You want simple politics? Go stand in a box every five years for 30 seconds. Don’t have a go at me for trying to quickly explain something complicated to the click-bait generation.

      2. Bobby

        I also noticed you failed to actually respond to anything I actually said, as is modern ‘politics’..

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Take it easy brother…

          ….and when you can’t can explain something in one paragraph, don’t try.

          …NEVER pretend that you can. The Internet is full of people who can be very easily influenced, and you know it.

          You have more to learn before you can teach.

          1. Bobby

            I agree with that sentiment; the more you learn, the more you realise the less you know.

            Still it’s worth throwing in that paragraph, so you know, everyone knows I’m better than them..

          2. Bobby


            I do feel I need to throw in something though, so people know other ideas exist.

            Just to be clear, I discourage complacency and apathy. If I was to put forward an idea in a sentence I would say that I think we need to build our own institutions to challenge the hegemony of states, corporations and wealthy families. I think participatory economics is at least an explorable, sensible and practice alternative to the currant top-down order!

            Accountability could be the new order, I don’t personally think parliaments can ever provide accountability to the nuances of every day life. I want a good and justifiable world to live in, and a good world to hand down, for every last living thing on this planet.

Comments are closed.

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