What Time D’ya Call This?



President Michael Higgins and Sabina Higgins voting In general Election 2016 at St Mary’s Hospital polling station, Phoenix Park this morning


It’s Show Time!

Frilly Keane writes:

Do you know, earlier this week that Bishop fella was on the wireless telling us that it was a very boring election. I write this now, days later, still wondering if he was talking about China again.

Stop whinging Des. It’s bin’a beauty!

So many have never waited on an election for so long; and yet even the premier level players in this game got caught in the wrong gear when the lights went to amber.

Gender Quotas pissing off the FFsakers, John Perry giving it loads, Independent candidates growing like weeds, and now, and well into the Green light, a Healy Rae eile is grabbing a hould’ of the gravy train.

We’ve even had some superb poster miss-action going on too (my favourite is Wallace’s No Ties in 3D btw) and this weekend past the Shinners actually grassed up the Blueshirts for nicking a few flyers. Sur’ you couldn’t make that up.

There has always been flying poster patrols, and the nudge nudge wink wink divvying up the constituency between opposite candidates and their crews, but GE16 is nothing less than pure Dog eat Dog. Between the party candidates, the non-candidates, the independents, the activists, the press, even neighbourhood watch has got into the mellee (if Dorset Stree’ is an’ting to go by.)

On my own street, Mickey Martian couldn’t get out of the car, and he’s a mere opposition TD looking for re-election. Experienced Leinster House passengers are having to venture into territories unknown, with Lowry having a naw’ful time of it in South Riding, and the Healy-Reas are in Naurt Kirrie for the first time in their baldy brazen lives.

We even have nasties coming out of the woodwork like never before. Where was Barrister O’Halloran last time out? Or the time before that? Or the time before that? Looking for grander call up maybe? We may never know. But what we do know is that evidence of the most shocking neglect and behaviour by a Government Minister is not even headline news. I don’t consider that to be boring. Des. It’s scandalous.

The complete lack of manners by some of the candidates is not boring. It’s foul. TWO, not one but two, senior Government Ministers never even bothered their wholes turning up to a Peoples Debate in their own constituency. That should never happen in Ireland. Why? Because they live locally and are in good health, that’s why.

They have drivers and transport that we pay for to bring them door to door at their own whims. Leo bhoy, you’ve no excuse other than your typically Noonan manners. Joan, enjoy the two fingers you’ll be getting today, ‘cause I certainly will, you are a coward and a fraud. You couldn’t even summon up the effort for a last fighting stand for the party that elected you their Leader in RTE the other night. Anyway, rant over.

GE16 has it all and some new ones: Fiscal Spacers. Renu’aryan Brotherhood. Different versions and combinations of the letter A that would leave Sesame Street in the Junior B divisions. And The Colour Purple.

Is that Boring?

I tell you what is boring tho’, the predictable front pages of the Sin/Indo and the Irish Times, Paul Williams’ look-at-me appearances and rants, and that Prone’wan.

Although, the latter is a business person, it’s all just a paying gig to her. To Ms Prone’s organisation, Politics is only commerce, and GE16 an earner, nothing else. Once you accept that she becomes mundane and every day, like the ESB bill.

The conduct of RTE has been particularly noticeable in this General Election. REPORT THE NEWS. Ta’uck to who is on your board, or who is on the Montrose fleet of panels and couches. REPORT THE ‘EFFIN’ NEWS.

I’m keeping it short this week. I’ve a busy day stuffing ballot boxes.

But when ye read this, most of ye won’t have voted. So remember if you vote for a Fine Gael Candidate, any Fine Gael Candidate, you are endorsing Michael Noonan, and all that he did, does, what we don’t yet know and what he is still capable of.

You the Fine Gael voter don’t get to complain about Dopey Charlie Flanagan making a show of us overseas or leaving our citizens rot without trial, or Phil Hogan aping it up like EuroMillions lotto winner.

You don’t get to complain about our Health Services or Shatter being an unprofessional tell-tale or why Frances Fitzgerald can’t connect with the meaning of Justice. You don’t get to whinge.

Look at your ballot sheet very carefully. Identify the candidate and or party that can represent you and ALL of us. All of Us; in Finance, Health and Care in the Community, Social Welfare and Protection, Education and Skills, Housing & Infrastructure, Agriculture & Food, Trade, Investment, Innovation, from Foreign Affairs to Rural Affairs. Ireland needs a Government that will represent and fight for

ALL OF US, and that needs TDs who are qualified, capable, transparent and hard working. TDs who are in it for the long haul as 100% full time Public Representatives.

Look at who they are now and what they can do for ALL of us over the next Dáil term. Vote for Substance and not for historic family connections, 100 year old bullshit, loyalties or habit.

Here’s just one example of a Substance over Style win ye’ll all identify with, Catherine Murphy or Simon Harris?

Vote New Faces into our Government benches. With new faces come new voices, new experience, new dissent, new approaches and a new culture of public service and not self-service. The latter we’ve been enabling for too long. We need new people to break the chain of over indulgence, job-for-the-boys, absurd pay and pensions, zero accountability and F.A. transparency.

Don’t let the Blueshirts, the Labour party or Paul Williams or RTÉ or the Indo Group convince you they are right about Sinn Fein at this level. They are not. Therefore I’m sticking with last week’s prediction; Sinn Fein 37-40 seats.

We must elect a house of whole time political professionals, and not TDs who see politics as a handy gig, or the family business, or a business opportunity, or a career break

Use it well. Tiocfidh.

(btw if anyone wants updates from the Tally in a double constituency count centre, stay tuned @frillykeane)


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130 thoughts on “What Time D’ya Call This?

  1. Caroline

    It’s like when you’ve made your excuses, but they’ve got hold of you by the arm and they’re using your first name.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I can see it now…. a naked TD with legs akimbo making pelvic thrusts upwards towards the hand dryer hanging one meter above waist, all the while holding Caroline by the arm for steadiness, and swinging a bath towel with the other for counterbalance.

        It’s a precarious balancing act, as politics always is….. then there’s a bush fire and the emergency services are called.

        “Dying, son?” said the fireman to the charred barely alive remains of the TD.
        “No…….. Dyson” said the TD

        THE END

  2. Harry Molloy

    One of my main hope for the day: I’m not sure how many Soc Dems are running but I’d like to see them all get in, with Stephen Donnelly as the leader.

    He’s a clever guy, left leaning with a realistic approach. They need some maturing as they haven’t a full range of policies – as was seen in the debate when he began to slide towards the end – but they will be an excellent addition to the political landscape.

    Probably best if they stay out of a coalition for now, give them some time to mature.

    1. Mayor Quimby

      he wasn’t very left learning until he say a gap in the leftish morket.

      McKinsey through and through.

      1. Harry Molloy

        I don’t know his history to be fair.

        I would say his experience in McKinsey is a good thing, they’re incredibly bright and capable people

      2. Serf

        He’s just an opposition mouthpiece (albeit quite a good one). Interesting how when first confronted with some real political work (the banking enquiry) he ran out the door. It takes no backbone exercise the kind of opposition politics he does.

    2. ahyeah

      Left-leaning? Ah here…he’s as right-wing as can be, just in the correct way – with intelligence and compassion, and he’s not led blindly by an ideology without regard for context or practicality (yeah that’s you, Lucinda)

      1. Harry Molloy

        We could argue about what’d LTE and right wing but we’d hardly agree anyways so prob little point!

        1. Rob_G

          Whatever else you can say about Lucinda, she is probably one of the more ideological politicians in Ireland today. FG looked like they would deal with the issue of abortion (in an ineffectual manner, at least), and weren’t right-wing enough, so she set up her own anti-abortion, more right-wing version of FG.

          1. Harry Molloy

            that’s true. I wouldn’t really agree with any of her policies, but one thing that’s sure is that she has integrity

          2. Anne

            “and weren’t right-wing enough, so she set up her own anti-abortion, more right-wing version of FG.”

            “that’s true. I wouldn’t really agree with any of her policies, but one thing that’s sure is that she has integrity”

            Not really.. I watched Ursula Halligan asking Lucinda what her party’s position was on abortion and she wouldn’t say. Integrity me botty.

          3. ReproBertie

            Did they not say they’d allow an open vote on it within the party? I could be wrong on that but I seem to remember thinking it was a nice way of avoiding the question.

          4. Anne

            Yeah, that’s what she said.. open vote, up the individual’s conscience or some sorta sh*te like that.

          5. Anne

            “Integrity me botty.” lol

            I’m off to vote anyways.. I’m gonna close me eyes and pick the candidates wherever my finger falls.
            It’s a great feeling to have played my part in who gets on the gravy train.

            Just messin’.

            I’ll give the local SD candidate a lash – because of Catherine Murphy really, dunno after that, one or two independents.. and I’ll probably leave it at that.

            Why was the question on the other thread too.. eh because they’d be like the least worst.

      2. Medium Sized C

        Advocation taxation to pay for high quality universal services.

        That would be centralisation of resources.
        In order to achieve an egalitarian distribution of the benefit those resources.

        Now explain how those pillars of leftist politics are right wing policies.

      3. Anomanomanom

        That’s the thing, Left/Right is not really a thing. It’s just a name the sides use to bash each other with.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          No, it’s very much a thing, it’s just a lot of YFGers have clearly coordinated a message that FG aren’t right wing because they realise that isn’t a very popular ideology. When you see several people come out with the same *new* ridiculous “opinion” at the same time, you can make a safe bet that something is up.

          1. Rob_G

            In some ways, you’re right; in other ways, Anomanomanom is right. Most of the most ‘hard-left’ parties in Ireland oppose property tax, for example, which is arguably one of the most progressive, equitable taxes there is. And Renua is in many ways right-wing, but then they want the state being able interfere with what people do to their own bodies, which is a policy that in some ways ‘right-wing’, but in other ways diametrically opposed to some other people’s ideas of ‘right-wing’

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “What is this new ridiculous opinion?”

            That FG aren’t right wing and that there are actually *no* right wing parties in the Dail. I’ve never heard that before and then several internet commentators started saying it at the same time. That’s a coordinated message right there and it probably came from YFG HQ.

            “which is a policy that in some ways ‘right-wing’, but in other ways diametrically opposed to some other people’s ideas of ‘right-wing’”

            It might be technically “left wing” but it is based on conservative principles so it’s right wing.

          3. Same old same old

            Moyes hits the nail on the head

            I’m also certain this is a replay of Bertie’s nonsense that he’s one of the last great socialists

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            “It’s something I have said but, tbh, I’m too damn old to be in YFG.”

            I said the message will probably have come from there.

            “It’s just my view.”

            It’s a really strange view. You’re the guy who keeps saying you’ll be voting for FG and SD for “balance”, right?

          5. Harry Molloy

            in as far as one is just right of centre, the other a little left. But FG are certainly now what you would call Right Wing. They’re a lot closer to, let’s say, the French than they are the US. Or even the UK.

            And I’m thankful for that, I’m glad of our social protections here. I’ve had to rely on them in the past, as have some of my family.

          6. MoyestWithExcitement

            “But FG are certainly now what you would call Right Wing.”

            No, they very much are right wing. I can only conclude that you mustn’t know what right wing actually is, if, as you say, you’re not spouting the coordinated party line. FG are a right wing party. They mightn’t be a militant far right party, but they are definitely a right wing party.

        2. Anne

          Tis a thing..

          Tis invisible but omnipresent according to Gene Kerrigan


          “So there’s an invisible right wing, that is so much part of life that we don’t even have a name for it, it’s just seen as the norm. Anything on the left is identified as being somehow from ‘the other’. It’s from the outside. I don’t think the media even recognises that what is seen as the centre is way over to the right.”

    3. Medium Sized C

      None of the parties have a full range of policies.
      Donnelly didn’t “slide towards the end” he just wasn’t as good at waffling his way through things as the others.

      The thing that pisses me off is that FF/FG/LAB get credit for policy points which are absolute waffle yet SD get criticised for not offering a concrete set of actions on the same line.

      For example engaging with frontline service providers to improve services is a policy.
      It would also be a massive departure from government policy for the past 3 Dáil at least.
      So engaging with Doctors and nurses to find the real problems in service provision is a policy point and is something that isn’t really done now.
      Saying “Primary Care” a load of times and pretending to have feels for the people on trolleys isn’t policy its bullpoo. Yet Donnelly is the one who was percieved fluffy on that point.

      1. Harry Molloy

        Ok, that’s a good points, I largely agree but do think he look a little less confident but I could be wrong of course.

        And it is how the professionals would tackle a problem – understand the “as-is” before even thinking about the “to-be”. The transition between both being te real challenge.

        I know “consultants” are almost a dirty word in this country but Donnelly’s experience there, especially with reagrds to strategy and target model implementation, could be of huge use.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          “they seem very, very light in their policy proposals.”

          Manifesto can be downloaded here;

          “They have their own featured forum on Boards, and their responses so far haven’t done anything to fill me with confidence.”

          And FG, FF and Labour, the parties who took turns ruining the country *do* give you confidence? It’s a bit odd that you’re basing your view of the party on Boards.ie. Really.

          1. Same old same old

            Not really. Spoiled children like this idiot want to know what sort of fat their chips are fried in

          2. Rob_G

            I’ve read their policies, but thank you for the link.

            I don’t share your opinion that FG and Labour ruined the country, so they do give me confidence (after a fashion), yes.

            It’s a bit odd that you’re basing your view of the party on Boards.ie. Really.

            – given that it is their actual reps answering the queries on Boards, it’s not that odd, no.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I’ve read their policies”

            So in what way are they light that FF/FG/Lab are heavy?

            “I don’t share your opinion that FG and Labour ruined the country, so they do give me confidence (after a fashion), yes.”

            Fair enough.

            “– given that it is their actual reps answering the queries on Boards, it’s not that odd, no.”

            Obviously it’s their reps. I just find it really odd, like suspiciously odd, that you’d lament the party because of what are, essentially, mini press releases.

      2. The Real Jane

        Yeah, and I think there’s some credit in saying, well, actually, I don’t know everything and I’m not going to make promises that are contingent on information I don’t have yet. It seems to me that the disillusionment with politics that so many have is partly based on this insistance that everyone should know everything and be able to do everything in order to be elected, when we all know that life doesn’t work like that.

        Look at the reaction when someone speaks to the electorate like we’re actual functioning adults.

        We deserve what we get.

  3. NilNocere

    Simon Harris certainly has substance and works very hard – it’s just all of his policies I oppose that’s the issue.

    1. The Real Jane

      Anyone who uses the tired old rightwingnut phrase “magic money tree” to explain why it’s perfectly OK that people are sleeping on the streets of a rich city is not a person of substance.

        1. The Real Jane

          I know, I was astonished as well. It’s one of those times when you think, well I don’t agree with everything (or much) of what this young shaver believes, but at least it’s a compent, intelligent person with some potential…


        1. Clampers Outside!

          Well, blubber is a great, fleshy substance…. and that leads to blubbering nonsense. But Simon’s a skinny little scut…where does he fuel his blubbering. Must have a lyposuction pipe hooked up to aul’ Noonan

    2. Harry Molloy

      I agree with pretty much everything he says but he needs to work on his delivery! But sure he’s only a young lad

      1. Caroline

        Yes, choosing to deliver his message through the skin-crawling corporeal form of Simon Harris was a rookie error.

    3. Whatevers

      SImon Harris – Whenever I see him I hear Mozza signing in my head “Will nature make a man out of me yet”

      1. Clampers Outside!

        There are exceptions to every thing Frilly :) For instance, I’ve a lot of time for Dublin’s current Mayor, Críona Ní Dhálaigh. She’s a good Councillor.

        Good luck to you and your chosen today Frilly.

  4. ReproBertie

    For the first time I’m going into the polling booth without a notion as to how to vote. In my consituency (Dublin N/W) we have 3 seats. It’s generally accepted that Róisín Shortall and Dessie Ellis are taking a seat each and the third is open to anyone.

    Labour are running their remaining sitting TD (after losing Shortall) , John Lyons.
    FF have lost Noel Ahern and Pat carey so they’re running a new candidate, Paul McAuliffe (councilor for 7 years).
    FG haven’t had a seat in this constituency since Mary Flaherty lost her seat in 97 and, like Ff, are running a first timer, Noel Rock (his arse has barely warmed his council seat).
    SF are running a second candidate in Cathleen Carney Boud (she’s been in her council seat about as long as Rock).
    The Greens, AAA/PBP, DDI and WP are all running candidates but the prediction is that the third seat will come down to FF/FG.

    So I have a choice to make. I have never voted, nor even given a late preference to, FF/G before but it’s just possible that my vote will decide which of them gets the third seat. So is it fupp you Enda and FF get in? But FF getting a seat after what they did turns my stomach. So fupp you Míchael and FG get in? Sophie’s fupping choice here. Do I go Labour just to try and keep both of them out? After the way they betrayed me last time? It’s all well and good voting for the others but realistically none of them will have a shot at the seat.

    Maybe I should just draw a big dick on the sheet and wait for the rerun in April/May.

      1. ReproBertie

        I’m leaning towards Labour because
        a: I always have
        b: John Lyons was very active in the Equality referendum
        c: Labour are the only ones promising a referendum on the 8th
        d: He’s not SFFG

        Come back in an hour though and I’ll be all at sea again.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I’m going to give SF a number for the first time ever and it’ll probably be number 2. This is tactical. For me, it’s ANYONE but FF/FG and while Burton and Kelly are in charge, anyone but Labour. Which party has the best chance to replace any of those 3? It’s SF. It’s not so much about SF themselves but more about their being *a* party with enough support out there that they might well win enough seats to present an alternative to FG/FF. We’ve basically had one party rule since the foundation of the state. Enough.

      1. Same old same old

        I had the same consideration this morning but can’t get past Gerry. A hateful illiterate throwback to the evil past. I’m giving Anne Ferris and then Donnelly a scratch and that’s it.

          1. Same old same old

            Grow up?

            At least I can manage basic sentence construction. You’re the class clown here – you do know that right? Another self-entitled ‘commentator’ deluded into thinking someone out there gives a crap about her barely formed bullpoo. Meanwhile the corrida afficionadoes boo and hiss our brave bullfighter.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Not a hope of SF ousting FF/FG/Labour; they are transfer toxic, as too many people remember the evil things they associate themselves with.”

            And yet, they’ve been swinging between 20% and 25% for ages. “Too many people remember what they did” isn’t an argument anyway. That’s you just projecting your personal feelings.

            “SF/IRA both killed many people and protected many paedophiles”

            FG protected paedophiles. How many SF candidates have killed people?

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          I can easily get past Gerry. He’s just a figurehead. It’ll be Mary Lou calling the shots if they get power.

          1. Same old same old

            I’d like to believe you but I find I must go on what I see. I thought there was a transfer plan before.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            If there’s one thing SF and the IRA have always been good at, it’s PR. I’m sure they know people will react infinitely better to McDonald than they would to Adams.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Let’s see some insipid Blueshirt oldbhoy try and scalp a handy Directorship, CEO, Quango, 6 figure pension, and whatever yer having yerselves then

          4. Same old same old

            I’m not disagreeing but it’s about power. Gerry reminds me of the Queen hanging on and getting by more or less despite aging and inconcontience and just plain refusing to put Charlie in charge.

          5. Same old same old

            Those jobs will all go to Provie sympathisers then instead – you’re not that bright are you? You know the words but can’t whistle the tune

          6. Rob_G

            I’m very surprised when I hear otherwise seemingly normal people saying that they are considering voting SF. They literally don’t have a problem with murdering people.

          7. Owen C

            This is actually a very serious question (lets ignore our silly tit for tats) – if SF were to be senior party in any coalition, who will be the Taoiseach? Gerry or ML or PD? Has SF answered this question (apologies if they have and i missed it)?

          8. Rob_G


            I suppose it does. But even if I was very, very angry at FG/Lab/FF, I would probably vote AAA/PBP, something like that.

            Martin Ferris went to pick up the killers of Jerry McCabe when they were released from prison a couple of years ago. And the SF candidate in Dublin Bay North, when asked to condemn the killing of Jerry McCabe, basically said: “Well, it was a war, these things happen”.

            I would just not be able to convince myself to vote for people whose moral compass is so thoroughly warped.

          9. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I would probably vote AAA/PBP”

            That would basically be a wasted vote. Polls show a lot of support for SF. Enough for them to oust FG/FF/Lab if the undecideds go their way. That’s what it’s about; getting rid of the establishment parties.

            “Martin Ferris went to pick up the killers of Jerry McCabe when they were released from prison a couple of years ago. And the SF candidate in Dublin Bay North, when asked to condemn the killing of Jerry McCabe, basically said: “Well, it was a war, these things happen””

            And Enda Kenny is a racist and Michael Noonan covers up child abuse. We can all play that game.

          10. Rob_G

            Not a hope of SF ousting FF/FG/Labour; they are transfer toxic, as too many people remember the evil things they associate themselves with.

            Enda Kenny is probably a bit racist, I guess.

            Noonan passed the file on to the relevant health board, where it then got lost in the ether; I don’t think you can really blame him for that one.

            SF/IRA both killed many people and protected many paedophiles, so at the end of the day, I would probably consider them worse.

          11. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Not a hope of SF ousting FF/FG/Labour; they are transfer toxic, as too many people remember the evil things they associate themselves with.”

            And yet, they’ve been swinging between 20% and 25% for ages. “Too many people remember what they did” isn’t an argument anyway. That’s you just projecting your personal feelings.

            “SF/IRA both killed many people and protected many paedophiles”

            FG protected paedophiles. How many SF candidates have killed people?

          12. Rob_G

            (Disregarding the rest of your argument):

            SF at 20-25% – you don’t seem to understand how our electoral system works; 25% of the vote is not going to translate into anywhere near 25% of the seats if you don’t pick up any transfers.

            Well, thankfully SF are very unlikely to get into power this time around, so we won’t be facing the spectre of a man who picked up some Garda killers from prison this becoming minister for justice just yet.

          13. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yeah, I never said 25% in opinion polls translates into 25% of the votes. You don’t seem to have issues with reading comprehension. That’s fine. You’re nervous today, I get it. If you know of any other way to gauge public opinion other than an actual gauge of public opinion, please share it.

          14. Owen C

            “And yet, they’ve been swinging between 20% and 25% for ages.”

            They haven’t polled above 21% since April last year. Their average of the last 20 polls is 18%. The last six polls have had them (most recent first): 15, 15, 15, 19, 16, 15.

    2. rotide

      it bends my mind how you can do so much research into the process and not grasp the simple fact that if you don’t want to vote for someone . DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

      Seriously, Bertie, you waffle on about how much you hate FF/G and then go about rationalising how you’re going to go about electing one of them.

      I’ve seen a lot of this sort of nonsense the last few days and its disheartening to say the least.

      1. ReproBertie

        The predictions I’m seeing are saying one of them will get the third seat. If it was a three horse race then I’d have no problem ignoring them both (as I always have done) but if it does turn out to be the predicted two horse race then it’s not that simple. I don’t want to vote for either but it looks like I can prevent one of them getting the seat by voting for the other so it comes down to which I detest more.

        Believe me, I can understand how it’s disheartening but if I don’t vote for either then I’m letting others decide which side of the coin potentially gets the seat and I have a fear that it’ll go to FF which will make them feel forgiven and back in the running and I don’t know that I can stomach that. Chances are I won’t vote for either and will be content with Róisín being my chosen elelected candidate and hope that Labour steal the 3rd but the idea of actively keeping one of tweedledum and tweedledee out is tempting.

        1. rotide

          If you vote for everyone else on the paper apart from those 2, there is no significant difference to giving them the last two preferences and you will feel better about yourself.

          You’re talking about candidates from parties with about 60% support between them. They will be well sorted before you’re bottom preferences get counted.

          1. ReproBertie

            THe parties may have 60% support between them but neither has had much success in DubNW for some time.

            If I leave them blank and everyone else gets eliminated then my vote vanishes into the ether (unless it’s already tied to an elected candidate.) If I leave one out and give the other a vote then I can potentially prevent one getting elected.

            It’s an A or B question, assuming FF or FG is getting the seat. Will you (A) prevent FF getting it by giving it to FG or (B) prevent FG getting it by giving it to FF. Leaving them both blank is abstaining from the decision and I’m hoping that there is a (C) Labour steals it option.

          2. rotide

            I still don’t see the problem.

            If you feel that vehemently about both FG and FF that you actually have trouble deciding which ones poo to rub in the others face then don’t vote for either. Imagine if you were living in the US , You;d have a choice between two candidates that were both crap. So you could abstain or vote for the lesser of two evils.

            Here, you have the chance to vote for plenty of people you actually like and agree with. If they don’t get in , they don’t get in and the guys you hate get in. That’s life, at least you didn’t vote for them.

  5. Drebbin

    The bookies’ top twelve options all have FG as the main government party. If you agree, the question is pretty simple. Do you want to give them a brake (Lab, Soc Dem) or an accelerator (FF, Renua)?

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      I think PP’s odds/predictions of the polls are a hell of a lot more accurate and trustworthy then many of the “reputable” newspapers in this country. The papers all have a political agenda and they will do their best to put forward the idea that certain parties are more popular then others, and hence trying to sway a persons vote.

      However PP is all about the money. They will have looked into the figures and based their odds on that. They do not want to sway anyone, just make some money.

      1. Drebbin

        That’s my feeling too. I trust their naked self-interest more than the camouflaged self-interest of the media, or the wishful thinking that I know sways my own opinions.

    1. ReproBertie

      Just 2 minutes before this you told someone on this very thread that it was OK to vote SF because Gerry wasn’t the one they were voting for. By your reasoning isn’t any vote for SF, anywhere, any preference, a vote for Gerry?

        1. Same old same old

          She fled to remote places
          Climbed towers and trees and walls
          To escape the stench of human corruption
          Into an oven she did crawl

      1. Charles

        He has just done what he was told. He’s 72 years old ffs, all those years of prosecuting innocent women and turning a blind eye to repeated secure abuse are starting to show.

          1. Rob_G

            And yet you seem to endorse voting for SF – surely that’s accepting their behaviour of moving paedos around and burning people alive in hotels?

  6. mickmick

    Just vote Danny No.1 and Michael No. 2, or the other way around depending on which part of the county you’re in.

    1. ReproBertie

      If we had a Healy Rae in Dublin NW you can be sure the Ballymun regenration would be finished and the Luas would run past DCU at least as far as Ikea.

  7. Funster Fionnanánn

    Slab Murphy sentencing the first piece read out on the news on Rte radio at noon. Then straight into voter turnout so far.

    This country is mental and nobody seems to care.

    Proper mental.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        They’re probably party activists. All parties have volunteers who go online and insidiously push party messages but, from what I understand, FG are the worst.

      2. Same old same old

        I think most people can make up their own minds on single issues as some old queen was saying this morning. The problem is the collective oppression of the overall moral conscience of the people thanks to the accretive drip feed of carefully staged propagandistic events. These guys play the long game

      3. rotide

        Wait, what’s wrong with that news running order? Everyone KNOWS were having a general election today. All there is to report is “some people have voted so far, some will later”.

        The other thing is actual news. It won’t get a mention once exit polls start coming in.

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          It’s uncanny legal timing for one thing.
          As far as reporting goes it’s unsurprising, as we’ve had a fair few days now of SF related headlines, not despite it being election week, but because it’s election week.

          “It won’t get a mention once exit polls start coming in.” You’re right. It will be too late for it to serve a purpose by then.

          1. rotide

            That would be news no matter when it happened.

            You need to stop looking for media conspiracies under every rock.

          2. Fergus the magic postman

            You see, you don’t have to look under rocks. They’re in our faces every day.

            Are you denying the Independent had an agenda over the last week?
            Are you also saying you don’t believe RTE has had any agenda during the campaigns?

          3. rotide

            The indo certainly has an agenda. They also carry articles critical of the government however.

            RTE, well that’s more of a ‘eyes of the beholder’. One mans establishment bias story is another mans Former Terrorist done on tax charges story.

            You take most things here as gospel. Would you agree that this website also has an extreme bias? Is bias only bad when it’s a bias that you disagree with?

          4. Fergus the magic postman

            1)I don’t take all things here as gospel.
            2)There is a left wing bias here, which oddly doesn’t stop you from being one of the most frequent readers/ commenters. I agree with a lot of what is posted here.
            3)This website is not state funded, & as far as I’m aware it doesn’t claim to be impartial.
            4) If you can’t see that RTE has an agenda, not restricted to being blatantly anti SF at election time, then you are clearly not the deep thinker you claim to be.
            5) You gave Labour your No.1, which says it all really.

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