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No, really. All on Amazon.

(From top: ‘Volpusa: A Magical World’ by Sam D; ‘Love Laws’ by Mary Muhammad; ‘The Temptation Of John Haynes’ by Shawn James; ‘Reach For The Moon’ by Tuan Ho; ‘Haunted’ by Maria Savva; ‘The Last Journal Of Robyn Hood – Outlaw’ by David Stuart Ryan; ‘Papi Doesn’t Love Me No More’ by Anna Suarez; ’Submarine Jim’ by J.S. Lome and ‘Ashtar’ by Ashtar Command.)


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A look at some iconic reggae album covers, photographed in their original locations around London over four decades later, for Covers, an anthology of classic sleeves and the Thames-side surroundings that informed them, by photographer Alex Bartsch.

Writes Erin MacLeod in Pitchfork:

“London must be, outside of Jamaica, the place that is most richly influenced by Jamaican people living there,” says Al Newman (AKA Al Fingers) of One Love Books, the publisher behind Covers and a number of evocative books related to reggae. “I grew up in London and I grew up with Jamaican culture. But it is also kind of an unknown history to many people in the UK.”

The book has successfully completed Kickstarter funding, but is still available for pre-order here.

H/T: Pitchfork