Squeezed Out Of The Market


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This morning/afternoon

Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7

Sam writes:

The building where it has been reported that there is a proposed eviction of 13 families who have been living in emergency accommodation…. The families were served with a notice stating that they were to be evicted on 26 February, election day, on 18 February. The stated reason for the eviction is an increase in the property’s rent which Dublin City Council (DCC) would not match.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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26 thoughts on “Squeezed Out Of The Market

  1. fast-forward

    DCC have offered alternative accommodation. Why should the tax payer have to pay even more to keep them in the city centre when the rest have us move to places we can afford.

      1. Harry Molloy

        My mate is from Dun Laoighre, loves the community but cant afford it so lives in Tallaght.

        I’m from Mayo, would love to live there with family and friends but can’t find work so moved to Dublin.

        you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            You should send your messages to the kids who are about to become homeless. I’m sure they’ll learn their lesson.

          2. ReproBertie

            They’re not about to become homeless. They are being moved to more affordable (for DCC) accommodation.

          3. Rob_G

            You’re right; people being housed at the expense of the state should get to live wherever they want, courtesy of the taxpayer. Unlike the actual taxpayers themselves, who need to cut their cloth according to their measure.

          4. Rob_G


            No, it just means that they will have to make some compromises on location when choosing a place to live; much as you and I have to.

  2. Harry Molloy

    The article on The Journal (I know… it’s friday and I’m killng time…) said that they were all provided alternative accommodation. What I haven’t read so far is what exactly is the problem with the alternative accommodation. Are they holes or do they just not like the area. Would be interested to know.

    1. Spud1

      Apparently The Regency Hotel was offered, but many refused on the grounds of ‘safety’ for their kids after the recent attack…

    2. ReproBertie

      One of the women being rehoused was on the radio during the week. She said she’d rather go to jail than the new area. She also said they were being moved farther away from her children’s school in Coolock. The new area was not identified.

  3. kirkbadaz

    Market forces people out.

    I believe it’s the so called free market and its proponents that have caused these people to need to be rehoused. that’s the issue.

    just as it forces people from Mayo to live in dublin to work. people from DL to live without salty air.

    1. Harry Molloy

      yep. Massive lack of supply in key areas. and centralisation of everything in dublin, making it an extremely expensive place to live.

      1. Rob_G

        DCC (and Rathdown and Fingal, for that matter) need to begin zoning UPWARDS. Silly that 1km from O’Connell St is all two-story houses (some bungalows, even).

  4. Eoin

    They probably have children attending schools etc. Don’t need the nightmare of moving. They’re not going to get much choice in the matter I fear.

    1. Rob_G

      That’s a pity, it’s true. But what would be the solution: if the govt were to raise rent allowance to the level that everyone on it could live close to Dublin city centre, that would have the effect of driving up the rents for everyone else (as well as raising taxes in order to pay for it).

  5. ahjayzis

    Imagine the thought processes behind the guy who increased the rent. Housing crisis? Untold misery? PROFIT.

    1. ReproBertie

      I know a landlord (not me) who had a property for rent on the usual websites. The Dublin council the property was in rang them and offered more than they were asking for and told them that if they housed a family with X children they would be paid more again.

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