The Catt Had A Shatt




Whingers of the State unite,
Now is the time to put it right,
Let’s get out and cast our votes,
And see if we can get this country afloat.

While Ireland was sinking, under the floods,
And Irish Water, that shower of hoods,
Were going around spending money like water,
Digging holes in the ground, and giving no quarter.

Some years ago we heard it said,
“That the rising tide would raise all boats”,
But we’ve seen what that group did,
And how and why they turned their coats.

Now that other shower have done no better,
In fact they follow things to the letter.
So now it’s time to change the team,
And hope that they don’t run out of steam.

Because hope is all that we seem to have left,
When of all our entitlements, we are bereft.
Hope that there is a different solution,
And an end to all this verbal pollution.

Frank Cronin

Presumably: Why Didn’t They Exhume?

The Thin Blue Timeline

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6 thoughts on “The Catt Had A Shatt

  1. Liam Deliverance

    So many terrible candidates in this election, of which Shatter is just one, I presume he is either deluded or demented. Either way this should be his last election and an end to his life working in public office. He even has posters up with the slogan “Truth, Honesty, Integrity”. FFS. Go away Alan and amuse yourself with your “writing” hobby and leave us alone. You have done enough. Elections are a rare opportunity to get rid of the incompetents and give others a chance to contribute. People of Dublin Rathdown, don’t let us down.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    To paraphrase Oliver Connolly to Maurice McCabe….. “I’ll tell u something Alan and this is just personal advice to you. If voters think you’re screwing them, you’re finished”

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