11 thoughts on “Tiocfaidh Arrggh Lar

  1. Alex Lyons

    poor Ultan, offended by discrimination against bike thieves

    hopefully we can move towards a more inclusive Ireland where people from all walks of life steal your locked bike

  2. Condescending Nana

    I’d vote for 5 years of napalm bombing of Dublin inner city, seeing as zero effort is made to reform these people might as well incinerate them.

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      City’s and states in the US have been offering the homeless one way tickets to get rid of their homeless problem. Ireland should follow suit with the job-seekers.
      Step 1) Fill out Form U2 (allows and EU citizen to receive job-seekers in any other EU member state)
      Step 2) One way ticket to Magaluf.

      Boom problem solved.

  3. Hellvetica

    There’s a well known gang of about 7 young scrotes on bikes that regularly ‘tour’ Rathmines town cycling on the footpaths as they go and testing all the bike locks.
    They know well the Gardai will do no more than give them a cheeky smile of course.

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