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  1. Atticus

    He got handed his bottom on a plate by Ruth Coppinger on RTE earlier today. He didn’t cover himself in glory on the Vincent Browne show last week either.

    If this is the new face of Irish Politics we are all fupped..

  2. The florist

    So wet behind the ears this boy.. an embarrassment to the youth of today. Has achieved nothing and will continue to achieve nothing going forward.

    1. ahyeah

      Neither the new face nor the old face. We have around 100 TDs too many. Power is in the hands of a small number. The rest are just simpleton yes-men. Most of them would be unable to earn a living in the real world. Cormac Devlin is another. They’ll have long, semi-lucrative careers – serving the party apparatus and in turn being served by the party apparatus, but financed by us. We still need FG’S promised revolution – and it should begin by getting rid of these overpaid, under qualified, incompetent quasi county councillors.

      1. Same old same old

        Yeah ahyeah. I think you’re a bit harsh though. Most of them could enjoy alternative employment as lickspittles, pox bottles or twang men

        1. Gah!

          I am intrigued. What are “twang men”? I want to be able to use it as much as possible but I don’t know what it means.

  3. Ivor

    Social media can always be counted on for a spot of bullying and you can always be certain that will involve abusing somebody because of their appearance.

    I’ve no love for the man but Broadsheet should probably have higher standards, no?

    1. dan

      He’s being picked on cause he thinks the state should control womens’ wombs

      No body knows the dude so give it time and social media will move away from appearance and bully him for some sort of scandal like, being a man and anti-choice

    2. Mick Flavin

      Are you referring to the hair bit?
      I made that crack only because it was in keeping with the Frankenstein theme, and to evoke FF’s past and that bought election (aren’t they all?).
      I have a similar mop myself. He’s a much better-looking chap though.

      It wasn’t meant as a simple cheap shot at his appearance. I hope I can be given the benefit of the doubt on that. I don’t think I’ve made a habit of making jibes at how people look.

      However, I am aware that intention and produced effect can differ. If I misjudged and this is too hurtful I’d be happy to ask to have it taken down.

      1. Sam

        You’ve drawn him more handsome than he is, and clearly targeted him for his politics which is totally fair game.

      2. Atticus

        I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking the p1ss out of someone over their appearance when it’s down to a choice they’ve made, i.e. hair style, clothes, fashion sense, etc. It’s a different story when you start mocking their actual physical attributes.

        1. Ivor

          So mocking hair style is okay, but being bald or ginger is not? Mocking wearing clothes that make you look fat is okay, but not being fat? Wait, is being fat a choice? Is it okay to mock someone for wearing a hijab since that’s a choice?

          Come on! You’re better than that surely? Leave out the comments on personal appearance. You know as well as I do that if your kid came home from school and told you that somebody was bullying them by regularly mocking their hairstyle or clothes, you’d not tell them it was fair game.

      3. ahyeah

        not a bit of it, mick. the hair thing is clearly an incidental aside. if anything, it’s his best feature – makes him look like an affable little scamp. and then he opens his mouth to reveal his views…

      4. Medium Sized C

        If his hair was a bit more curly, then it would be the “do” of a young Dessie O’Malley.
        And its hardly bullying to point that out.

      5. Ivor

        Fair enough Mick. Chambers is a bit of young fogey a la Ryan Tubs and I can see what you were going for now with the Frankenstein references. I guess I’m just a little sick of people making snide comments about people’s appearance/accents after watching the election debates and coverage on Twitter. There were lots of cheap shots based on Chambers appearance so I was primed to misinterpret it.

        Shane McEntee’s suicide was probably not just the result of online criticism, but it should remind us that politicians are vaguely human. Maybe he’s got a little more resilience than I have, but if I were Chambers, I’d be feeling -at best- self-conscious and insecure about my appearance after all the “mean” comments.

        Broadsheet has been pretty good at highlighting mental health problems in Ireland but some who comment here think that politicians are not human. If mocking appearances happens in a playground or workplace, we all know it’s wrong. But when a “celebrity” – especially one who happens to have views that we disagree with – comes on the TV screen, some people think it is okay to publicly mock their appearance. The content of what people like Chambers say usually gives us plenty of room for satire and criticism so maybe all of the beautiful Twitter folks with their lovely hair might focus on that.

    3. 15 cents

      which is worse tho ..
      (a) a pretty funny cartoon lampooning a politician, and possibly, possibly, hurting his feelings a little. (even tho he’ll have to be tough skinned in his chosen profession)
      (b) a woman getting raped, and then being forced to have that baby, and that scenario being supported and possibly in the future enforced by that same politician. (i say enforced because if its his stance to keep the 8th and hes a politician, its possible that he could become instrumental in the future to whether it’s repealed or not)

      so which of those two things is worse?

      1. Ivor

        So what you’re say is that it’s okay to mock pro-life teens appearance in schools because they disagree with you about abortion? Should schools formalise that as part of their policies?

        We live in Ireland. We all have relatives and probably some friends who are pro-life. You know as well as I do that if somebody started mocking their appearance on the street, you’d not give it a pass because your friend/relative was pro-life. If you were there, you’d probably tell that person to stop being a d!ck.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Ah yeah
    I wouldn’t want one of me own to bring him home t’me
    But he is a dissenting voice

    I like that
    It’s healthy

    1. Medium Sized C

      Where was the dissent I missed?

      The bit where he went strong on the party line on the 8th Ammendment?
      If anything the dissent was actually declaring a policy instead of just saying nothing in too many words.

    1. Neilo

      You weren’t able to enjoy that chilled glass of schadenfreude either, Bertie, this has been a tough election for you. Could be worse, imagine having two Shinners in your constituency.

  5. medieval knievel

    what was it about him that FF saw in him which made them pick him as their candidate?
    he’s clearly wet behind the ears and doesn’t seem to have much cop-on. i am told he claimed the catholc first admissions policy of most national schools is written in the constitution, at the candidate’s debate, if anyone can verify this…

    1. 15 cents

      they want him coz he’s a young them. they’re trying to keep all their archaic views going well into the future, and they need someone young to do that. said young person is letting down the youth in doing so.

  6. ahjayzis

    Nail on the head! “Re-animated corpse of a hodge-podge of bad political cliches from the dark days” is what I immediately thought on seeing/hearing this droning borg of a backward, pallid, weapon.

  7. ahyeah

    actually, I’ve gone and done some research on this person (10 minutes on Google, I admit). He holds some of the mos offensive, backward views of any politician in this country. The fact that a 25-year-old joins the party that has destroyed the lives of so many of his peers should be all anyone needs to know about this fellow..

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