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Seth writes:

I Need to get to Clayton Hotel Leopardstown {Dublin 18] early next Tuesday morning – earlier than Dublin Bus would get me there. Don’t have a car and it’d be a struggle to afford taxi from City centre. With the Luas on strike – I though the Aircoach could do the trick (it runs 24 hrs).

Contacted Aircoach seeing if I could board in city centre and travel to terminus (coincidentally at the Clayton hotel). Aircoach advised that they are not licensed to pick up passengers after leaving the airport (even tho they are dropping people off at the same stop) – therefore I’d have to get the Aircoach from town to the airport and then back from the airport to Leopardstown.

Any alternate suggestions (I’ve considered and dismissed walking the 10km and I don’t own a bike).


Pic: Clayton Hotels

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  1. Disasta

    I was going to suggest the below but if you cant afford a taxi I’d say you’re walking.

    Rent a go car.
    Rent a bike.

  2. Raskolnikov

    You could get the first bus in the morning and then when you get to the hotel change all the clocks back a couple of hours and pretend you’re early. (don’t forget to change your watch either, I always forget that bit)

    1. well, tat's that

      Yes, this one wins…. or travel the night before on any public transport you wish (an embarrassment of choices, I know) and sleep rough. Ta-DAH!!!!!!

  3. Rob_G

    Buy a bike; then you laugh everyday at the plebs in their cars stuck in traffic or rammed into the Luas.

      1. Gav D

        I don’t get it. The above buses leave really early. Earlier than most places would be open surely?

  4. Chris

    This sounds like a problem I had earlier. I couldn’t decide whether to poo in my main bathroom or ensuite. There were benefits to both, the grandeur of the main bathroom or the familiar cosyness of the ensuite. In the end I just dropped trou where I was standing, if only I thought of asking the public via a news blog site.

    1. Chris

      I wrote ‘crap’ it has been moderated to ‘poo’. Crap is not an offensive word. On the other hand ‘poop’ is juvenile, who is actually doing this moderating, it is retarded. Also writing asterixes is widely accepted as a way to self censor expletives why did you edit the inclusion of ‘s***’ to ‘trou’. ‘Trou’ is not even a word?

      1. Cromuel

        Whoever moderates this site seems to adore the Englishism ‘poo’ – all excremental words are automatically changed to it, making posters sound like giggling maiden ladies from 1890s Chiswick.

  5. Anomanomanom

    You won’t walk 10 km, How poor are you that you can’t afford a taxi, 10km would cost fupp all with no traffic

      1. Anomanomanom

        No big balls. But i genuinely don’t see how with no traffic if it’s earlier than dublin bus and only being 10km that someone couldn’t afford it. It would cost about €8.

        1. Rob_G

          When was the last time you took a taxi? More than €8 (particularly if it is still the night-time rates)

          1. Anomanomanom

            My job is 5.3km away, I know because I often run it so I measured(online so might not be accurate), i leave at 7.30 it cost me normally with a tip €9. I can’t see how with no traffic a journey, yes twice the length, would cost more than me in heavy morning traffic.

        2. joj

          5k costs us €11+ generally so I imagine 10k would be in the region of 20 – 25 depending, still though for a once off, you’d want to be pretty poor not afford that few bob

          1. Anomanomanom

            If people’s journey cost more normally than mine then maybe I’m just lucky with lights and traffic in the morning so I could be wrong on price.

  6. MoyestWithExcitement

    Train to Dun Laoghaire, 75 from there to Sandyford. First 75 leaves at 6.15. Or you could ask this person who you have to meet before 8am in a hotel on the outskirts of the city if they wouldn’t mind rescheduling for an hour later because of the strike.

    1. mike

      Dear guests, breakfast will be served from 8:30am only because of the strike. Signed: The Chef.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        That’s right, I forgot only licensed chefs are allowed to put sausages under a grill.

  7. Stephen F

    Just turn up to the safepass course a little late, you won’t be missing much. As long as you pass the ‘test’ at the end you’ll be golden.

    1. Randy Ewing

      They chucked me from a safe pass course cos I arrived 90 mins late , they haven’t even covered the whole ‘watch out for a JCB’ section , could have eased through that test

  8. RT

    Taxi: RideGuru has estimated the fare at approx €25 from city centre:

    Hailo: €5 credit off your first journey for signing up
    eCab Dublin: €10 credit off your first journey with eCab+ option (app is horrible though)
    Uber: €10 credit off your first journey for signing up

    Dublin Bus: 47 route the 7:40am option will have you at the Leopardstown Roundabout stop at 8:45am, I know this from experience:

    Alternatively, you could Dart to Blackrock (or take another bus to Whites Cross on N11) and take 114 route:

    It is feasible to walk from Whites Cross, but likely to take about 25 mins, so taking the 46a/145 etc from town early could be an option.

    Other option would be as someone said, get a Dublin bike and suck up the charges

    1. Anomanomanom

      No way is that fare €25. 10km earlier than dublin bus, so no traffic. It would cost max €12

  9. dav

    It’s a hotel, stay the night and get up,have a shower & go downstairs… towel wearing is optional.

  10. Cian

    Aircoach outbound from the city centre to the airport then back in. Done similar to get a Bus Eireann to a suburban area at an early hour.

  11. pissedasanewt

    How early is early? First Luas is 5:30, first 46A is 5:15 and hits town at about 5:30. Travel time down the N11 + the walk is less than an hour, so unless they want to meet you before 6:30, you should be grand…

    So you can get the Aircoach from town to the Airport, but not from town to the terminus? fupping stupid regulations. just get the Aircoach in town and ask him to take you to the airport via terminus.

  12. Paul Davis

    10k is only a two hour walk , it would take probably 1 hour anyway so its not much different. Get the bus back.

  13. The People's Hero

    I’m heading out that way….You can hitch with me and my pet axe Elvira and slash-hook Doreen…. Might need to make a quick stop out at Djouce Woods first tho’…..

  14. Alex Lyons

    Taxi drivers are desperate for money, see if one will do it for €15

    Or stop being a whingey lazy moaner and shell out €25

    Or get a skateboard

    Or get an aircoach to the airport and one back, cost you €12

  15. essexhian

    Stay the night in the hotel – that way you are guaranteed to be there on time. :)

  16. Spaghetti Hoop

    Get a Credit Union loan / take on some part-time temporary work / borrow off a friend and PAY for the public transport, i.e. taxi.
    If the reason you are going there is contributing to your career, your business or your education, then think of it as an investment.

    I thought this was one of life’s many basic lessons, no?

  17. missred

    Dart to Blackrock, then get the 114 bus up to Sandyford. Been advising others to get this route instead of the Luas from town during the strikes. It is fairly infrequent though and buses may be packed, also lots of traffic, due to others having the same idea

  18. Seth

    Thanks for publishing Broadsheet.

    Thanks for all the feedback – especially you Chris; your ‘where to dump’ quandary has put my dilemma in perspective. I just though to myself WWLDD – what would a luas driver do, so I’m gonna stay in bed.

    That prince will just have to find someone else to help him claim his inheritance


  19. Starina

    if you need to be there before the bus and it’s for work, take a taxi and get your work to refund you.

  20. Kieran NYC

    As Moyest would say: Can’t afford the Luas? Go on strike, hold up half the country and demand a 50% increase in wages. If you’re victimised by the Luas strike, you’re part of the problem, after all.

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