A still from Equate’s ‘Open The Gates’ video campaign

Politicians, eh?

They can agree on nothing.

Until NOW!

“I support the three actions [reform school admissions, where religion is taught in the school day and more multi and non-denominational schools]. My own children attend the Dublin 7 Educate Together, and I think having more such schools would better serve communities throughout the country that have families from diverse, multi-ethnic or non-denominational backgrounds.”

Paschal Donohue TD, Minister for Transport, Fine Gael

“Fianna Fáil commits to reform school admissions on the basis of locality to ensure children have access to their local school regardless of denomination while protecting religious rights. Ensure no child is excluded from school life while respecting the religious ethos of each school. Engage with educational partners to set out a consensual approach to roll out further divestment of schools in line with assessed community demand”.

Barry Cowen TD, Fianna Fáil

“Fine Gael is fully supportive of moves towards a more pluralist system of patronage for our schools to provide greater parental choice and diversity in our school network.”

Leo Varadkar TD, Minister for Health,  Fine Gael

“It is Sinn Féin’s policy to end the laws that allow for religious discrimination against children in school admissions and we will support increased diversification of patronage. We are committed to increasing the education capital programme which will allow for more school builds and this will allow for diversification also of the types of schools being built.”

Gerry Adams TD, Sinn Féin President

“We’ll ensure that publicly funded schools prioritise children from the local community, rather than focusing on their religion.”

Joan Burton TD, Labour party leader

“The Social Democrats have included a commitment to end this discrimination in our manifesto. Whether or not in Government, I will be pursuing this vigorously.”

Roisin Shorthall TD, Social Democrats

“I believe that the church and state need to be separated and have campaigned for this for years both inside and outside the Dáil. Access to and participation in schools should have nothing to do with religion It is essential at this day and age that people do not feel under pressure to christen their children just to secure a school place, and we are therefore committed to keep on fighting for equal access to schools for all”

Ruth Coppinger TD, AAA-PBP

“I recently met with Equate and fully endorse their campaign for reform of our education system and to ensure greater equality in children’s education in Ireland. I hope to help the campaign further and I agree with your points that reform is needed in schools’ admissions policies so that they no longer discriminate due to religion; that the school day change so no school child is excluded from fully participating due to their religion or non-religion, and that we need to increase the number of multi and non-denominational schools available.”

Thomas Pringle TD Independent

Messages to children’s rights organisation EQUATE expressing cross-party commitment to equality in education.

There you go now.


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Thanks Fidelma Guinan

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18 thoughts on “Gategate

  1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    Good, although I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m sure they’ll be along soon enough to say why this is anti-religion or some nonsense

  2. steve white

    what does Equate Ireland board member Ruairi Quinn think Equate can do that he couldn’t do when he was Minister? will it be Ryans millions that will make the difference?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Most ordinary people didn’t give a poo when he was trying to do it. Now they’re starting to.

          1. steve white

            yes it was, this problem didn’t start in 2014, catholic domination of schools has been issue for along time, perhaps its only an issue now because Ryan is spending millions getting articles in foreign newspapers

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          People are more aware of the issue, or less willing to settle for the status quo. Any campaign for social change takes a long time to get off the ground then it catches momentum. And it looks like getting the church out of public schools is at the momentum stage now.

  3. mikeyward

    jaysusmaryandjosef thing now is day Don want teachins of de most holy CHRIST our LORD in schoolls. do not know whatts next aftur dat

  4. Joe

    One School to bring them all and in the darkness bind them..

    I’ve no idea how anyone in favour of inclusive society would want to segregate children.

    If that means doing away with the prayer before class, then fine. Maybe it doesn’t belong in the classroom in the first place – or maybe they just need to consider denominational religion classes or maybe it would be best to introduce an objective theology and philosophy class.

    It makes no sense for religious denominational schools to pop up and prevent children from mixing.

    And while you could argue that this makes for homogenous culture, that would entail an assumption that religion is all there is to culture and schools are where children go to learn religion.

    If there really is a demand for denomination, then better it show up in the private system, where people are willing to pay for a specialised program of education for their children.

  5. Boba Fettucine

    In our ‘hood the Catholic national school takes in kids from all backgrounds, religions and nationalities.

    It’s the educate together, Church of Ireland and Gaeilscoil which are comprised almost entirely of white, affluent, Catholic kids.

    People and schools will always find ways to segregate, separate and stream children – which is a shame as kids will always be better off in a heterogenous group.

    1. Caroline

      There is, it’s totally confusing!

      Is it a fiver in an envelope or any gift under a tenner?

      1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

        I hate it when you get Ted from accounts, what do you get the man who has everything?

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