‘No Trainers’



Dress code for the The 1916 Lost Leaders March on Good Friday in Dublin.

The march will include the Irish Volunteer Cavalry, re-enactors including the Cabra Historical Society, American Diaspora, 1916 relatives, executed leaders Guard of Honour, Women of the Revolution and marching bands. Gerry Adams will be the main speaker….

Sinn Féin Ireland

15 thoughts on “‘No Trainers’

  1. newsjustin

    I’d like to come as “upper-middle class” Dubliner. Will I still be able to attend?

    I’m aiming for a look that says: “My contacts paid for my operation in America.” Not rich-rich, but rich.

  2. Jess

    Shouldn’t some people dress as British Soldiers to round out the commemoration. Just like some were dressed as Norse and some as Gaels at the Battle of Clontarf commemoration a few years ago.

  3. Caroline

    Why the dressing up? Genuine question. I love a good fancy dress but this seems a bit extraneous.

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