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Three Ireland roaming charge changes (top) and Three UK’s free roaming promo (above)

Roaming Rob writes:

Just received a text from 3 advising me that roaming charges are to be reduced from April 30th. And yet the same company in the uk offers free roaming: In their own words “roaming charges suck”


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  1. Robolock

    I was only just looking at this this morning…if you put “three roaming” into google it’s a very mixed message! I’d defo pick free roaming over a 3 penthouse/cabin/apartment at Longitude/Electric Picnic/Rose of Tralee!

  2. beardedrambler

    I believe* Meteor/eir are to announce some sort of roaming sux deal in the next few weeks also, where you simply bring your free data / mins / calls with you .. in europe

    * subject to 100% correct information

  3. Murtles

    Probably most of what Anne said but also 3 have probably 100 times the customer base in the UK than they have in Ireland so they can absorb roaming costs. Still I blame Enda Kenny.

    1. Anne

      Yeah.. more competition over there..

      But they’re not making a loss here I presume.

      When you say costs, you mean the ability to make more profit?

    2. classter

      Surely the roaming costs are proportional to the size of your customer base?

      So Three Ireland could absorb them as easily as Three UK?

  4. Rob_G

    UK readers: if ever in conversation with someone who is in favour of Brexit, remind them that cheap roaming rates are due to the EU. Also, the fact that we all have the same the type of phone charger (well, apart from the Apple fanboys).

  5. hmmm

    Roaming charges for Europe are set to be abolished in 2017 so you’ve not long left to wait

  6. Ronan

    The reduction is mandated by the EU, so it’s not like they are reducing them by choice. Ultimately the EU will mandate no roaming charges but that’s probably a few years away.

    Interestingly Vodafone’s way of communicating the EU rule is as follows:

    “Just to let you know, new EU roaming regulated rates will apply from 26 April, but don’t worry you’re on Vodafone Red Roaming…..”

    which would imply that the nasty EU have increased rates, when in fact they’ve reduced them.

    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      The EU really need to hire some better PR companies – they should get whoever does Vodafone’s marketing on board.

  7. Martin Heavy-Guy

    Does that mean that with a UK SIM card I could have a flat rate in Ireland, the UK, and all of Europe, but with the Irish SIM I still have charges?

    Guess I’ll just pop up to the north for a quick shop then.

  8. john

    what the EU will fail to tell u as the bask in the glory of lower roaming rates is that they let O2 be taken over by 3 resulting in higher prices for everything but roaming. well done the EU fooling the masses with your great work!

    1. Martin Heavy-Guy

      “they let O2 be taken over by 3”? What? Since when have the EU been responsible for stopping companies merging? Shenanigans on you.

      I suppose you’d be much happier in a Europe where the EU tell everyone how to run their companies?

  9. ripoff

    Not only that, Three UK customers get free calls and data in the USA with a package called Three Like Home.
    Whereas Ireland’s Three charges several euro per Megabyte. I now have a UK sim card that I use when travelling to the US to get free internet, saves me a fortune!

  10. Perry Throne

    Asked the same Q last Sept: the 3 Ireland reply: We’re separate networks so we will have different offers. I wil pass on your feedback to the relevant team for you.
    They are only reducing roaming charges because they’re obliged to under an EU ruling.
    I put a 3 UK sim in my phone when in Spain on holliers.

  11. mildred st. meadowlark

    I’ve had more trouble with 3 in a few months than I ever had with any other network. They’re a pain in the arse.

  12. Disasta

    Three are cheap. Cheap. Not value for money, cheap. But so are most people here so that’s why they do well.

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