[US software marketing firm] HubSpot’s Dublin HQ, North Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1.

Free catered breakfast…free gym..free craft beer (six taps)…free desks.

Stephanie writes:

Today we launched HubSpot Dublin’s (or, as we like to call it, DubSpot’s) brand new office! There’s still some construction going on but I know you’ve published pics on AirBnb‘s and Google’s offices before so I thought you might want to check out HubSpot’s new office: We’ve only been able to publicly post photos since this morning. Bar and gym are included also and we’re hiring 320 people over the next couple of years…

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39 thoughts on “Hubliners

      1. classter

        Its a close run thing deciding which is more irritating & empty-of-thought than the respective phrases ‘keep the recovery going’ or ‘blueshirt’.

        I reckon you win, dav.

  1. Tish Mahorey

    More ways to trap employees for longer. Provide all the social outlets which normally exist OUTSIDE the workplace so people feel pressured to ‘lean in’.

    “You’re not wearing enough Flair”.

    It’s a north American work ideology which sucks people out of social activities with family, friends and neighbours, creating a social silo within the corporation.

    It benefits the company at the expense of the local communities in which it’s employees live.

      1. classter

        So would lots of people.

        Nationalised factories were inefficient & unproductive and have largely gone out of business once govts decided to stop pumping taxpayer cash into them.

      2. Tish Mahorey

        “I’d much rather work in a nationalized factory”

        Yes Harry, complete exaggeration is how to answer that.

      1. classter

        What about all the other offices where young people do those hours but don’t get any gimmicky toys or subsidised lunches?

        1. Disasta

          Clowns in both cases whittling away their best years under flickering fluorescent tubes.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s a bit harsh. If you’re going to fit out an office space why not be creative and unconventional? I’ve worked in these recreational-style offices and they actually improve staff retention and morale. None of the folk I knew that played table tennis or Wii Bowling at lunchtime or tucked into their subsidised gourmet pizza lacked a social life or social norms outside of work. And Managers and HR were pleased that the away-from-desk activities reduced workplace stress and disgruntlement.

      1. Disasta

        No they don’t. Maybe at the novelty stage but not after. Free this, free that, nice seat, coloury walls. I even have a sit stand desk. It is nice to occasionally stand but that’s about it. The rest is to stop you going home.
        Let me do my work in 3-4 days then you’ll see happy. The more time I spend from my family the more I dislike the place.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          I tell ya one thing that won’t stop ya going home….born n’ bred Irish people fist-bumping and saying ‘Alrighty’.


  2. Mark My Little Words He'll Be Back in RTE in 12 Months

    And how many Irish nationals will work there? How many in innovation or development?

    Wouldn’t be anything to do with the 12.5% corporation tax would it?

    Does this company actually DO anything? #notrealjobs

    1. Disasta

      What does Ireland have to offer other than its people?
      No natural resources for manufacturing and no cheap labour.
      All we have is the ability to give companies low tax to entice them here to give our educated population something to do.

      Unless you’ve a better idea?

      1. nellyb

        SW Multies get special tax status in exchange for setting up R&D. Not much of R or D happening. For all the money not paid in tax in Ireland, Google glass or MS Kinect had to be developed in here. Where they?
        Real R&D is still confined to US/overseas offices. I mean real R&D. That’s where brainy irish developers go when they want to do exciting, frontier stuff and paid real money.
        12.5% tax rate is actually a very sweet deal for running a call centre in Ireland. They should pay at least that or present what exactly R and D they’ve produced over years.

  3. Reppy

    I’m a big fan of their Sidekick app for Gmail. It tracks emails without the recipient knowing, who’s opening them where, how and when

    1. Disasta

      “There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth. So that we listen twice as much as we speak.”

      I’m pretty sure we’ve 2 ears to localize sounds?

  4. Burst Balloon

    I looked at all the open positions but as usual I’m not qualified to do anything. I’m so worthless, my heart sinks every morning when I remember who I am.

  5. AlisonT

    Have to agree that this is all an American way of trapping people in the company. Provide all the facilities that people normally buy from their wages and it makes it very hard for the staff (especially those from abroad) to have any social life outside of the company. It is then very difficult for staff to leave as they have to give up not only their job but also their circle of friends. Saves a fortune for the company in the long term and restricts the workforce.
    Better to just pay people more and let them choose what to do with their wages.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      ‘It is then very difficult for staff to leave’.

      But staff retention is a good thing.
      Plus any employee should not find it difficult to leave a job thanks to three things; a contract, a notice period and a resignation letter.

  6. Eoin

    Nice offices. Though I gotta admit it took me a good minute and a half to figure out exactly what Hubspot do. I thought it was mini office rentals like the Digital Hub. But they seem to be hiring out some sort of marketing service or something? I dunno. I agree that they’re sticking in a lot of entertainment in these offices. It’s a bit of a cynical ploy to keep you in the office I guess. Though in fairness there’s not much around that part of Dublins quays. There’s not much around for people as Facebook, Google etc all have their own canteens etc. You are pretty much forced to follow that model if you are based around there. I know people in smaller companies around that area who have no options for lunch (apart from a ten minute queue at the local Centra) and not many options for an after work pint.

  7. Joxer

    all very lovely however clicking into Apply on jobs doesnt take you anywhere…well it takes you into a page that you click into careers home and then click apply which takes you into a page that you click into careers home and then click apply…maybe its some sort of conudrum to weed out the chancers from the good folk :) ….

    Hubspot gimme a ring and i might go work for ya!

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