Landlord Lol


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House prices up by 2.9% in the euro area (Eurostat)

10 thoughts on “Landlord Lol

  1. dav

    thanks blushirts, nice housing bubble, and you wonder why people see no difference between your selves and the galway tent crowd

    1. dan

      Eurostat report states
      “House prices up by 2.9% in the euro area
      Up by 3.8% in the EU”
      Look at the figures properly. House prices are up across Europe with a few exceptions. Even the prudent Germans are showing house price increases.
      Suck it up renters, looks like you missed the boat again!!

      1. ahjayzis

        The dread of the next economic collapse is somewhat lightened by the fact that it’s your sort who’ll be ruined by it.

        *psssst* you’re not rich – you’re deeply in debt for an overpriced asset ;o)

  2. ForFecksSake

    I’d be highlighting the largest figure in the chart which is a 16.8% increase in Ireland in the space of 1 year.

  3. phil

    Just One more boom please, need to save some cash, and when the house gets close to 2006 levels, we will sell and then we are outta here…

    alternatively we will buy another house, rent the two out and live off the rent somewhere sunny and quite , migt give Cuba a go incase the health goes sideways …

    I would have thought this sort of behavior to be scummy but from what Ive observed most of the people in this country are happy the status quo , results of the election , showed that …

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