16 thoughts on “Where Would They Have Been In 1916?

  1. ahjayzis

    Very droll, but we all know he’d have been perched atop his hotel shooting looters on sight.

    1. My Meaty Member

      You think so? I’d say he’d have moved to Netherlands first thing he heard about it ;)

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Look at you getting all matey watey with the chap after someone pointed out the viscuous bile you threw at him last week with zero provocation. I’d say you’re either a manipulative sociopath or very very lonely.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I’d imagine that it’s simply a case of people not holding a grudge over an online spat with a complete randomer…

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            I dunno, I’d say that calling get someone a mouthy queer when they weren’t talking to you or being abusive to anyone else is indicative of a pretty nasty mindset.

        2. My Meaty Member


          I would have a row with you over that bilious attack on spelling Moyestie except that I know that that is exactly what you want

          When I called ahjaysiz a mouthy queer it was a sort of compliment – he always says something worth reading and relevant as opposed to you just pooping all over this

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Right. And referring to Anne as a pikie and McCollum as a knacker were compliments as well I suppose?

          2. My Meaty Member

            Actually Anne used the word pikie herself MouseMan

            Then she proceeded to label me as an ‘idiot’ while at the same time whingeing to mods about some other descriptive nouns I used to capture her unique essence

            I’m afraid I do think McCollum is a knacker though. Sorry for having a different opinion to you, I won’t do it again I promise as it makes you so upset you poor dear

  2. Dublin History Bore

    Dev and the rest were in the bakery (now Treasury Buildings), not the mill! Wake up sheeple!

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