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People being deported from Greece to Turkey by Frontex officials on April 4

Further to President Michael D Higgins’ speech on Monday in which he was critical of Europe’s response to refugees and migrants who are continuing to travel to Europe…

A petition calling on the next Irish government to demand an end to the EU/Turkey deal states:

Since early March, the EU­-Turkey Deal has been implemented against refugees and migrants. This deal designates Turkey as a safe third country, something it patently is not. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 16 people, including three children, were killed by border guards as they crossed into Turkey this year.

Amnesty International has reported on such killings, predominantly of Syrian refugees, since 2013. Not alone this, but Amnesty has also documented that Turkish authorities have been expelling groups of around 100 Syrian men, women and children to Syria almost daily since mid­- January.

This mass expulsion of people to a war zone is illegal under Turkish, EU and international law. The registration process in Turkey is also deeply flawed and conditions in the camps there are often unsafe and present multiple health hazards.

…The EU must recognise that people will continue to flee war, danger and precarity, and that these measures are just driving them to make ever more dangerous journeys. Thousands of children have disappeared in Europe, almost 6,000 refugee children and minors were reported missing in Germany last year.

European Union estimates that at least 10,000 child refugees had disappeared after arriving in the continent were “very likely to be underestimated”, according to a senior official at Unicef. Children and vulnerable adults are being preyed on by traffickers and criminals.

The amount of money spent on policing and militarising this crisis could help to resettle the people in need of asylum, this is clearly not a financial issue.

We are witnessing the greatest displacement of people since the Second World War and this time we can see it unfold on our TV screens and computers. The response of the EU is shameful, inhumane and wrong.

Will the next generation look back on this time and wonder how it happened, how we let it happen?

Ireland has responsibilities to these people as it plays a role in their displacement due to the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.

The wars that refugees are fleeing from resulted from invasions, occupations and deliberate aggravation of pre­-existing tensions by the US military that we have been supporting at Shannon for the last 15 years.

Ireland also has a proud history of humanitarian activity, let us take a stand now to do the right thing, to play a positive and decent part in this crisis.

Call on your TDs to demand the suspension of the EU­/Turkey Deal and for Ireland to accept more refugees. The resilience, courage, solidarity and community they manage to create despite these terrible circumstances could immeasurably enrich our societies.

Let’s be on the right side of history this time. Demand the human rights of migrants are upheld and that there is safe passage for all.

Anyone who wishes can sign the petition – which will be sent to the signee’s local TDs – here

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13 thoughts on “‘Be On The Right Side Of History’

  1. eric cartman

    Turkey is safe, this is just the left wing agenda trying to resume these migrants are all good. If they just wanted safety they would have stopped at any number of countries, turkey included. These migrants are on a march across europe for generous welfare and lax enforcement of laws against them.

    1. 1980s Man

      Turkey is safe for white westerners to think Bodrum represents Turkey.

      Right now, the Turkish army are bombarding Kurdish villages inside Turkey and killing their own innocent civilians.

      Turkey is not safe for these people.

      1. eric cartman

        read : people trying to cross an armed border illegally get shot at by the people paid to shoot people who cross the border illegally.

        borders are patrolled by armed guards for a reason, its hardly like they walked accross a field and were shot at. The border guards have no idea who these people are or where they are coming from, this is just a bunch of people doing their jobs and it being turned into a media fiasco. you could write the exact same story about the US/mexico border , or iran into iraq or almost anywhere else.

        heres a tip : migrants need to stop illegally crossing borders and they wont get shot at.

  2. Chris

    The Irish govt is well aware of what’s going on with the militarized EU borders. They are happy to let them drown in the Med and stick the handful that make it to Ireland in direct provision. That’s so they can scapegoat them for the latest crisis the govt has created like in health, housing, employment, education etc. If we want them to do anything at all resembling compassion we will have to force them. Just like the asylum seekers did when the decided not to be scapegoats and rot in virtual prison that is direct provision. They occupied their accommodation when and protested. Exactly what we will have to. That means organising a movement against the barbaric EU/Turkey deal. #unitedagainstracism

  3. Turgenev

    Let’s sic Glenn Fitzpatrick on ’em – after all, the old are no good at this kind of stuff.

  4. Podge

    It is important that we are on ‘The right side of history’ .

    I dont want to have to explain to my grandchildren someday how we activley participated in the destruction of europe by allowing floods of economic migrants unchecked entry and provided them with the means to create ghettos and bleed the welfare system dry.

  5. Termagant

    Why are their countries at war?

    I understand Syria, we did that, but why are these other places embroiled in conflict? Why is turkey bombing itself?

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Mainly a hangover from “the Empire(s)”. When the British and others drew their little lines on the maps to divide up the spoils after the First (and second) world wars they took no account of the people actually living in these countries. Thus Kurdistan was sliced up and Turkey, Iraq and others all had a piece of Kurdistan. The Kurds had not, of course, been consulted about any of this. Kurds are ethnically and culturally different from both Turks and Arabs. Hence the PKK fighting the Turks ever since, and Kurdish rebels fighting in Iraq.

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