Nothing But The Truth



The families clap as the jury leave the Hillsborough inquests in Warrington. One woman shouts: “God bless the jury.”

There are lots of tears as lawyers are hugging the families and the shadow home secretary Andy Burnham is hugging the families in court.

There are lawyers crying…. People are saying they can’t take in the enormity of it all.

A spontaneous chorus of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is being sung outside the courtroom as people raise Liverpool flags above their heads.

Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes (BBC)


38 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    I think this might be the first time in my life where I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s issue of The Sun.

    1. Bob

      No doubt they’ll cast themselves as heroes who were actually championing the people all along, or they just won’t mention it.

    2. Tish Mahorey

      Yeah the billionaire owned ‘champion’ of the people.

      Do their readers know that they are being manipulated day in day out by people who hate them.

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    The Guardian published an excellent video that gives a breakdown of the disaster, the cover-up, and the initial inquiries all the way through to today’s verdict. Well worth a watch, perhaps you could embed it in this story Broadsheet?

    1. Del McG

      David Conn’s exhaustive coverage of the campaign in The Guardian has been exemplary throughout all this. The kind of journalism (and not just sports journalism) that should be taught to budding cub reporters in university.

      1. Charger Salmons

        @Del McG
        You can’t teach journalism at university.
        All media courses do is teach people to sit in an office and re-write press release under the guise of reporting.

  3. dav

    I hope thatcher is burning in the 7th circle of hell, her support for the officers who covered it up was disgusting

    1. Charger Salmons

      Have any police officers been charged in relation to Hillsborough ?
      If not,then Lady Thatcher was merely applying the criminal justice laws which prove that everyone is innocent until proved guilty.
      To suggest Liverpool fans were entirely blameless for this tragedy is a nonsense but entirely in keeping with that city’s craven displays of entitlement over the years.

      1. Pablo Pistachio

        The fans are and were entirely blameless. Perhaps have another read of the inquest verdicts again.

      2. Sam

        everyone is innocent until proved guilty.
        To suggest Liverpool fans were entirely blameless for this tragedy is a nonsense
        So, not everyone is innocent until proved guilty?

        Fupp off you excrement filled troll.

      3. Tish Mahorey

        LOL at Charger Salmons, using ‘Lady’ anything on an Irish forum.

        Defender of the Tories, hater of workers without whom the Tories wouldn’t exist.

  4. Frilly Keane

    T’would still break yer heart all over again.

    BTW, Charger. You’re one prize Cúnt

    Please don’t edit this BS.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Lady Thatcher was the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century and was elected three times,with a great many Paddies resident in Ireland voting for her too.

          She was box office.

          Ireland,of course,let Charlie Haughey lead them with a ring through its nose.


  5. Charger Salmons

    I always find when people resort to abuse the paucity of their argument is laid bare.
    And to go to the trouble of changing the spelling to get it past Broadsheet’s filters is really rather juvenile.
    Sometimes I wonder how these people even manage to type using their knuckles.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      Excellent trolling. We know you’re just an average chap in an insurance company who never made the actuarial exams but still have notions all the same.

  6. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

    I’m glad the families can maybe get some closure. Awful awful for them though, some of the stories would break your heart.

  7. Jake the fat man

    I flew from Glasgow this Morning and there was people giving away free copies of the scum.they were dumped everywhere

    1. Charger Salmons

      At 1.7million copies sold a day The Sun remains the UK’s biggest selling daily newspaper,a couple of hundred thousand ahead of another fine organ The Daily Mail.

      Interestingly,The Irish Sun sells a healthy 58,000 copes and is not far behind that desperately dull and partisan Irish Times.

      And all four Irish editions of UK tabloids put together sell more than any other Irish paper.

      Heh,heh,heh .

  8. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Charger –
    A small cylindrical object that can be filled with money or drugs and inserted into the anus to conceal their whereabouts from the police/prison guards etc. As described in the classic French book ”Papillon”.

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