25 thoughts on “How Full?

        1. Nigel

          Thank God you’re here to defend the class violence inherent in the system. Now we’re just short one horseman of the apocalypse.

        2. 1980s Man

          “Thank god you’re here to defend poverty.”

          Defending value for money which is something people like you squeeze out of every cent you spend.

          1. A Certain Ratio

            Not a troll, no. Just I appreciate the finer things in life, having the disposable income to do so.

            A restaurant that does a line in €30 steaks is probably not going to conform to your narrow view of “value for money”. You’d probably spend all night there, banging on about how much mystery meat you could get in Aldi for that.

        1. SPANX

          (that’s your hands I’m talking about, Clampers; but I’m sure you get told that all the time)

  1. Owen

    It’s not often I find these shocking. But that’s mental. Even Dublin Airport is only about €15.

  2. garthicus

    A cursory glance at some recent tripadvisor reviews:

    “We are not really breakfast people but have sampled breakfast and must say it is one of the best and most generous we’ve ever had.”

    “The breakfast was amazing. The selection was huge. Cereal, nuts, ground nuts, wheatgerm, wheatbran, seeds, dried fruit, fresh fruit, porridge, Cheese/meats, muffins, bread, peanut butter, nutella, Jams, smoothies, yogurt, full cooked breakfast, I cannot list it all. It was the best breakfast I have had in a hotel”

    “…Breakfast was good, lots of choice including continental meats, fresh fruit salad of many types, a excellent selection of breads, cereal and a buffet style full Irish cooked breakfast, pancakes and omelets to order. There was even fresh honeycomb to extract your honey from”

      1. Vote Rep #1

        The only person in the country to like nice things is Denis O’Brien.

        When a nice breakfast is included in the price of a room, fluffy will turn his nose at it because he cannot be like Denis O’Brien and also like nice things.

  3. Adam Murphy

    Self Service Buffet? So it’s essentially an all you can eat breakfast for €17.95?

  4. Murtles

    Gadzooks, I nearly dropped my monocle onto my sautéed kippers when I seen this bargain. Fair play to them catering for ordinary folks.

  5. TheDude

    C’mon there, the same is €29 in the Shelly. Slow day on BS, pets and 2 receipts posts

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