Dublin SPCA writes:

Hugo is a 1-2 year old Shepherd cross who came to the DSPCA [Rathfarnham, Dublin 14] in February of this year. He was found straying and in very bad condition. His emaciated body was covered in sores and his eye badly injured. He was petrified and we can only imagine the life he had led.

Our vet team tried to save his eye but sadly he had to lose it. After weeks of recovery he finally started to show us the wonderful dog that he is behind all that fear and worry.

Kennel life is very stressful on Hugo and he spends his time when in the kennel pacing up and down. Most potential adopters walk straight past without giving him a second glance and he tries his best to get their attention.

When he is out of the kennel in his playgroups and excersize time, he is like a different dog. All he wants is time with his favourite humans and dog pals. He has been on lots of hikes and has been so good and happy. Our mission this week is to find Hugo the home he really deserves.

We are asking for your help to do this by sharing this post so we can reach out to as many people as possible . If you are interested in meeting this lovely boy, get in touch with the adoptions team on 4994710 or


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32 thoughts on “Hugo

  1. Lenny Swanson

    best to put him down, he will no doubt be a basket case of a dog wee-ing on the floor or biting someone. he wouldnt last a day in the wild so best put him out of his misery and not be sentimental about it

        1. Anne

          Why is this person allowed used numerous usernames?

          Same person.. the lack of punctuation and writing style are the same. A miserable troll whatever name he’s using.

          Can ye not do something about that BS?

          1. Harry Molloy

            You spend way too much time analyzing commenters Anne, you seem to have a detailed knowledge of each posters history and their style.

            Maybe everyone is like this, me I couldn’t care less

          2. Never Say Never Again

            Gas. This is the same oul wan who was crowing about people “deserving” to get banned earlier – ie anyone who doesn’t agree with Anne

    1. Punches Pilot

      I get where you’re coming from but at the same time you’d have eradicated my eejit. He’s now 2, friendly, house trained, placid and a glorious loyal pal. Hard core dogs are only for those of us who are willing to take them on. Not many of us but we are there.

    2. Marina

      Fupp you Lenny. I’m adopting him and I’ll prove you wrong if it’s the last thing I ever do.

    3. Marina

      Lenny, I left a comment for you further down. In my blind rage I replied to the wrong string.

      1. Lenny Swanson

        i cant see the comment, maybe im blind like your rage or blind like the above Hugo

  2. Polaroid Fluid

    by the same logic I imagine you should be have been put down a long ago, you don’t come across as somebody of any use to your community or the people close to you (the ones by choice, people next to you on the dart don’t count). As for surviving in the wild, ah, you’d make good bait in a crossbow hunt at best would you?

    1. Lenny Swanson

      its a useless dog in a world full of useless dogs, it would be better served if its burnt remains were feeding plants rather than eating resourses, your being emotional on the issue rather than thinking logically. on your point of me being of no use your right as my wife is currently not speaking with me!

    2. Lenny Swanson

      i hear you and fair play to you bringing in one of the more difficult dogs to home, i got a box fresh pedigree dog and he has been a pleasure. its this type of one eyed dog that will eat its way to the plaster board when the fire works start at halloween.

      1. 1980s Man

        No. The pedigrees are far more likely to be nut jobs.

        And people similar to yourself who demand dogs as fashion accessories are to blame to for the various so-called pedigrees which are just inbred freaks really. Next you’ll be looking for a dog with the same upholstery as your A6 S-line (which is a rather nice upholstery in fairness) or the right size to fit into the side pocket of the passenger door. Or how about one trained to select the best triple certified fair trade coffee in your local roasters.

        1. Lenny Swanson

          im wearing boot cut jeans today, there is nothing fashionable about me. is it wrong that i want a dog that can see out of both its eyes as was natures intention. as for driving an A6, sure this only the puppy farmers that have that class of money!

  3. Murtles

    Step away from the keyboard Lenny and put your helmet back on (We only make him wear it to stop him licking the windows).

  4. CiaraK

    Lovely dog. Looks pretty placid. Dogs don’t need two eyes to navigate around the place they have such an excellent sense of smell. deserves a good home.

  5. Cromuel

    Any sign yet of a home for Hugo? He looks such a darling – wish I could give him a home.

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