Meanwhile, At The Circuit Criminal Court



Enda Farrell?

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21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Circuit Criminal Court

  1. mrmurphster

    By God, we’re sending people to jail for not paying fines, yet when someone defrauds the state and a couple of million taxpayers, he gets a suspended sentence.

    One Rule for some.

      1. Norbet Cooper

        Well in the light he bought the house for 410,000 on inside information, then sells it for 460,000 after the ST revelations, the 50,000 profit should be treated as proceeds of crime in light of this judgement.

  2. Eoin

    It’s ‘justice lite’ for the white collar criminals. That’s because they’re needed to run the high level scams and Ponzi schemes that keep the international financial markets ticking over.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    Ireland is an equal society and anyone who tells you different is just a know-nothing weed smoking hippy or a communist.

  4. Anne

    David McWilliams spoke with Kevin Nowlan, CEO Hibernia REIT, a real estate investment trust which has raised over €600million from a variety of investors, including George Soros, by helping them find bargain properties in Ireland.

    We basically said we know enough people in Dublin to be able to go and buy the properties, without having to go to auction. Or having to go to the market. And we’ve done 18 deals, and 16 of them we’ve done off market.

    From the independent link there –
    “After Treasury Holdings, the property executive worked as managing director of his family property advisory firm WK Nowlan until 2010 when he joined Nama.”

  5. Peter Danner

    On a separate note. This story could either have

    1) Been a chance for the justice system to make a statement that actions have consequences, and possibly (God bless my naivety) make someone else think twice before engaging in similar activities

    2) Inversely let anyone on the fence about such activities know that on the off chance you get caught, sure ultimately you’ll be grand.

    The Irish system chose option 2. What fricken hope is there.

  6. Tony

    Maybe its our fault for naively believing that either the vote or the law are there to serve us. Time to wake up etc..

  7. Peter Dempsey

    He should have been jailed.

    A suspended sentence is not appropriate here.

    Nor are they appropriate for repeat criminals with loads of convictions for things like burglary and assault. But you never see Broadsheet or Rabble complaining about this – because it doesn’t suit the narrative.

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