9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Eoin

    Heard that Hillary now can be indicted on ‘intent’ charges (due to the intelligence nature of state department business ‘intent’ is enough for a charge). The FBI can now move ahead with a prosecution before the Democratic rally. Trump will be the Republican nominee. Hillary will be so covered in scandal she’ll have to drop out. Then Bernie and Trump face off. Then Trump wins the presidency. Then the fun begins. You gotta laugh really.

  2. jimmy russell

    Trump is literally hilter for the 21st century if he gets elected he will kill millions of people he must be stopped at all costs and anyone bringing up Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record and saying things like she is a truly terrifying choice for president is just a bitter misogynist.

    1. Sido

      We must find some way of perverting the democratic choice of the American people, in order to save the World from a this reincarnation of Hitler – No go on – any ideas?

    2. Sido

      @ Jimmy Russel – Jaysus – I didn’t read the second bit – Sorry I’m a bitter misogynist, but lets hear more from you on these points, its Friday after all

    3. Kerri Ann

      Every so often a brave stranger rides into these parts and tries to deploy some irony. Within seconds the saloon doors fly off their hinges and the regulars dive for the spittoon.

      Don’t get splashed, Jimmy. Get out while you can.

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