For the month that will be in it.

Sunday, June 12, 1988.

The year the lotto went loive, Paddy Power was born and the ‘.ie’ domain was registerd.

In Stuttgart, the Irish football team, ranked 8th among the eight teams at the championship faced Bobby Robson’s star-stuffed, mullet-heavy English side.

Joxer dreamt.

Willie Clingan writing in the following day’s Irish Times said:

Somebody said that Dublin yesterday evening reminded them of Rome the day Italy won the World Cup in 1982 – a hot summer’s day with a crowded city centre in high spirits, spilling onto the streets to celebrate a great football victory. The blaring car horns added the continental flourish to Dublin’s celebrations



Euro 2016 Republic of Ireland Squad (RTÉ Sport)

10 thoughts on “1988 State

  1. Disasta

    gonna have to put up with the nonsensical ranting about the rubbish Irish soccer team for the next while eh.
    enough to take me off the net for a month.

  2. JoeO

    I was there. In Stuttgart. At that game. Good times.
    Went to Poland four years ago with my 15 year old son. Great times.
    Unfortunately will be stuck here in Ireland for this one. Hopefully a sensible pub with my mates from ’88 where we can watch the ball and frown at the antics of the young crowd and the bandwagon hoppers. And jump for joy if/when Ireland score.

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