Broadsheet Trailer Park: Morgan



What you may need to know:

1. A risk management consultant (Kate Mara) is summoned to a remote research facility to assess if an artificial being (Anya Taylor-Joy) should be terminated.

Morgan is the first directorial feature from Luke (son of Ridley) Scott.

3. Shot in part up north.

4. You might remember Taylor-Joy from The Witch (2015). And Toby Jones… always a pleasure.

5. Mara currently has a gap in her schedule where Fantastic Four 2 should be.

6. Broadsheet prognosis: Morgan a woman.

Release Date: September 2.

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10 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Morgan

  1. Paul

    saw Ex Machina a few weeks ago, that first point above starts klaxons going in my head re: similarity.

      1. Paul

        the scene dressing was great and some of the acting was good but the real pull was the ‘who is the bad guy?’ aspect which I was glad was included in the trailers so you entered the movie suspicious.

        other than that, yeah, meh.

        1. Waddy Dilson

          Didn’t even see a trailer, so I was completely at a loss as to what it was about. Which is a great way to watch a film unfold.
          My favourite parts were the unsettling parts, the part just before the end when one of the bad guys meets his demise. Disturbing in a subtle way that stays with you.

          1. Paul

            True, most films should be able to take you from scene one to the credits without any external assistance such as trailers (I’d exclude historical films etc from that). I do the same myself for movies and tv shows but the trailer turned up before another film.

            The creeping fear was Ex Machina’s point I believe, it’s just a shame other aspects of the film had to suffer for it. Great to see a good actor like Oscar Isaac get so many different roles in the last few years (Drive, X-Men, Star Wars, Inside Llewyn Davis).

          2. Waddy Dilson

            Have yet to see Llewyn Davis! Thank you, that’s my watching for tonight sorted.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Fantastic Four was such an… *odd* movie. I don’t know what it wanted to be, but it wasn’t a Fantastic Four movie.

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