A Limerick A Day



Donald Trump and Finance Minister Michael Noonan at Shannon Airport in 2014

This month, flying in from the west
We’ll have a magnificent guest
With his dignified air
And believable hair
It’s clear to see why he’s the best.

John Moynes

Pic Business and Finance

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9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Davos

    The Donald is making big waves,
    Not just with his follicle maze.
    His hands are too small
    To build his great wall,
    He’s a blight, an egotistical malaise

  2. jimmy russell

    hopefully someone shoots him, then all his supporters are rounder up and killed too

  3. Mairead

    Give this racist jessie the boot,
    Our view of him is resolute,
    Here’s hoping he’ll disappear,
    And no more garblings we’ll hear,
    He’ll end up as bald as a coot!

  4. :-Joe

    He’s the best fake international porn baron the world has ever known….

    ALSO The best reality… or hyper reality TV star in history…

    AND, and he was greatest thing in Back To The Future 2…..

    Nobody can take all that away from him whatever happens….

    Everything is going to be GREEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO DrUMBF*%$ !!!


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