13 thoughts on “Ryanair Pilot Voice

  1. J

    Videos featuring American sounding Irish comedians @blakingpoint & @comedyfox.

    As seen on RTE, TV3, Daily Edge, MTV, Cosmo and more.

    ‘Consistently funny’ – Entertainment.ie

  2. Wayne.F

    Where do I apply for that time of my life back and who do I complain to about this being classed as comedy

  3. Eoin

    I always picture Ryanair pilots as looking like the inflatable co-pilot in the movie ‘Airplane’. They do all sound exactly the same too. I do think there’s a ‘pilots’ voice/ tone. A tone that makes you think ‘This guy sounds like he probably won’t dive the plane into the sea. I can relax.’ I wonder if female pilots have to put on that voice aswell?

    1. Pip

      Remember Denis Leary on smoking?
      “Folks, this is your Captain speaking, look, uhm, light ’em up, cause we’re goin’ down”.

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