Eerie Glow, Eerie Glow, Eerie Glow




A cracked traffic light on the junction of Blarney Street and Shanakiel Road [Cork] is casting an eerie glow onto the face of Christ on the cross at the adjacent grotto.

Believed to have appeared on the weekend of Corpus Christi, the site has now attracted people to pray there after dark, when the light is most prominent.

‘Local man Terry’ said:

“The light crosses the road, goes up at a 45 degree angle. It starts out as a pin and then it gets bigger like a projector and shines up onto the cross. It picks out only the figure on the cross.”

God Giving Cork The Green Light? (Cork Evening Echo)

Pic Denis Scannel via Evening Echo

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29 thoughts on “Eerie Glow, Eerie Glow, Eerie Glow

  1. Starina

    god only does these kind of miracles since BCE became CE…forget about saving lives or whatevs

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “It starts out as a pin and then it gets bigger like a projector and shines up”

    * closes doors and windows, leaving lights out…. turns on torch… which shines up a section of wall *

    * falls to knees and declares * It’s a miracle !

  3. Cynic3000

    “It picks out only the figure on the cross.”

    Eh yeah because there is nothing around the figure to pick out and the wooden cross is dark wood and therefore not reflective like the statue.

    For Phug Sake.

  4. Murtles

    Probably handbagged scarf wearing women and men with flat caps that’d be going there. Rosary beads a swinging that take the eye clean out of yer head. Corkonians love their religious statues, Council will be vilified when they fix the traffic light.

  5. jimmy russell

    ugh this is dangerously offensive to muslims and atheists ireland isnt a christian country anymore these kind of symbols should be torn down

  6. Skeptik

    Quick! Fetch the donation barrels!

    Should finance the lighting budget for the next few decades..

  7. Paul

    Is it just Cork Christians that are idiots, or are all Christians idiots? Or maybe just Cork people in general? I’d also question local loon Terry’s ability to judge angles. If the light crosses the road at a 45 degree angle, then the cross would have to be 30m tall. More likely the light shines straight across the road, as light from a horizontal lamp tends to do.

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