His Eyes Follow You Around The Room








Sligo-based artist Annie West writes:

This fella arrived at the office earlier this week and then came back again yesterday.
He’s sitting up there on the top layer of the office glaring at me. Well, gazing maybe.
Ironically sitting right beside the *Paddy Pigeon* illustration file.

I get very twitchy when I’m working while being watched so I kind of need to find out what I should be doing. He’s ringed but I don’t want to freak him out either or I’ll have Pigeon poo all over my artwork. Any suggestions.


Annie West

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24 thoughts on “His Eyes Follow You Around The Room

  1. Liam Deliverance

    1. He wants to be drawn, that’s why he has turned up, he is waiting for you!,maybe a Blooms day tie in or a Euro 2016 one, maybe he is Belgian!?
    2. Get a camera with zoom and try and get photo of his number, this way you harass him less and you can find his owner, http://www.racingpigeon.ie/strays.php, if he has a rubber ring as well as a metal one he be competing in a race, he may also be dehydrated from racing and needs a saucer of water and then he will be on his way again
    3.Make a new art form from pigeon poo!

    Good luck

  2. Harry Molloy

    get some rock salt cartridges for your shotgun to avoid any serious damage to your house

  3. Pip

    If you can get near him, and if he will allow it, try stroking him gently down the chest toward the feet.
    He will then have the urge to step onto your finger and may remain. You might be lucky enough to be able to lift him gently without him hopping off, and make for the great outdoors.

    1. scottser

      If you get that far then spray him bright colours and let him perch on your shoulder. Teach him to say ‘pieces of eight’ for the craic.

  4. Kieran NYC

    I always think hanging out with Annie would make for a really enjoyable day.

    She just seems that sort of person :)

      1. Sir Izzly

        I mean compared to some other names I’ve used that was almost pleasant…*takes hint, sharpens pen*

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