Extreme Landlording



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From top: Part of a Twitter project organised by the Dublin Tenants’ Association; William Campbell

A new episiode of William Campbell’s excellent Irish current affairs Here’s How podcast looks at rubbish and wicked landlords.

Wiilliam writes:

The podcast features Mick Byrne of the Dublin Tenants’ Association telling renters’ horror stories and discussing what can be done to improve the situation.

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9 thoughts on “Extreme Landlording

  1. jimmy russell

    he wasnt a landlord he was owner occupier and can evict at any time. everything else is hearsay and one persons word against the others.

      1. jimmy russell

        you can make it a gender thing all you want, but a cardboard sign and a sad look are not admissible in criminal or civil cases

  2. Junkface

    Welcome to modern Ireland, the poor girl is probably an immigrant working here, barely making a living.

  3. kiora

    Absolutely disgusting,
    Personally my landlord is one of the most vile, greedy, dishonest and immoral people I have had the displeasure of meeting. I moved in a 18 months ago, It was only place i could afford and since moving in i constantly receiving abuse from her, false claims and letters about damage or disturbance’s demanding more rent or money, When i moved into the property it was disgusting like a crime scene, I laid a new carpet and painted her whole apartment as i couldn’t live in the filth as soon as she saw i renovated her apartment she wanted me out ‘saying she could get more money for it now’, we have a two year contract but still if she had an actual claim she has the right to prove it and give me notice of eviction but she does not have a claim so is trying to fabricate one, it is incredibly stressful to be under attack constantly all because she wants to try and extract money i do not have. The PRTB have taken my case but are out the door with complaints it seems,. Did I mention my landlord is a high court lawyer!

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