A Two-Pipe Problem




Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Gearóid writes:

I just emailed the council but wondering if your readers are any wiser:

‘Hello, somebody removed Oscar’s pipe from his right hand many years ago. He’s left looking rather silly as a result. I’m wondering why the pipe has not been replaced on this important tourist attraction after so much time has passed’.


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16 thoughts on “A Two-Pipe Problem

  1. eamonn clancy

    The entire piece should be removed, it’s on a par with the Molly Malone stature for corny.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Ah yes. The ‘fallen’ woman and the queer.

      You’d only be delighted to get rid of them.

  2. Paul

    Who is this and why is it important?

    He actually looks like he’s giving the “five knuckle shuffle” sign. Class.

  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    1. They figure it’ll just get nicked again.
    2. It’s not actually that important.

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      Do you ever get tired of talking to yourself on this? Seriously? Get yourself seen to.

  4. Mulder

    They have not noticed.
    The council are not renowned or known for their literary, skills or knowledge.

  5. Father Filth

    Great article in the Irish Times, at the time, interviewing Danny Osborne’s choice of stone, for everything.

    Nothing is fake or painted or made up, I seem to remember the pink stone (Thulite) and trousers (Larvikite) were the larger dents in his limited budget.

    A breakdown of the various stones used can be seen on the dublincity.ie website here:


  6. Gearóid

    I could have sworn I saw a pipe in his right hand before. Didn’t realise it was a flower. Is the flower still there? Whoops

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