Amène-Moi À L’Église



Free Sunday at 2pm?

Want to watch the match with French people?

No wait, come back.

David Loyer writes:

Just to let you know that we as French have decided to balance this UNFAIR match – from a French fan perspective in Ireland!

We’re organising probably the biggest gathering of French supporters in Ireland this Sunday at The Church Bar ( Jervis street), Dublin 1) in Dublin with Le Petit Journal and French Friday.

We may be the only pub where there will be as many French supporters as Irish ones!


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9 thoughts on “Amène-Moi À L’Église

  1. Shayna

    On the flip-side of this? – I read in “The Irish News” on-line, a parish in County Down (Downpatrick – alleged burial place of the Patron Saint) have delayed the start time of their ‘Cemetery Sunday’ to accommodate the parishioners to watch the Irish match. 21st century Parish Priest?

  2. :-Joe

    I’m glad the French fans have found a decent place to meet together in Dublin, however…

    Only 7 % Ticket allocation for Irish fans in the stadium in Lyon, France….Now that is so unfair, it’s almost criminal. We all love the Irish fans just not when France have to play them. Shameful.

    So it’s more of the same, we seem to be getting a lot of bad decisions whenever France either as a team or now recently even as a place to play is involved. No problem, karma in football eventually comes around and it stings bad.

    The odds are against us as usual but I hope we knock them out in whatever way possible and it’ll be a healthy two fingered smile to Henry for his antics but mostly for the blatantly dumb or corrupt UEFA hierarchy in 2009.

    Vers le bas le blues…. Allez les verts !!!….. Venez vous les garçons en vert !!!

    Ireland 2 – 1 France #VVLGEV


    1. Shayna

      Hey Joe, I admire your view on Karma – it’s kinda my Mantra also. However, I lived in Trouville-Sur-Mer, in Normandy for a while – the French,despite their perceived outlook are not a surrendering country. Host Nations tend to win? – J’aime La France, mais aussitot, j’adore L’Irlande!

      1. :-Joe

        Ye, this host had all the advantages and karma will have to wait another while to happen eventually and not just for 2009.

        The idea that the french are i.e. “cheese eating surrender monkeys” is nothing more than a silly jibe… Just look at their factual history in wars, napoleon or the french revolution, colonialism and the fact that daily protests are a national pastime. Temperamental maybe but not quitters.

        We rattled the French despite their huge gulf in class but they woke up after sixty minutes, stopped playing our game and were deserving winners in the end. Hat’s off to Antoinne Griezman, he didn’t disappoint his home-town crowd.

        We could have had the ultimate perfect faultless game and had two or three goals but realistically It was good while it lasted…. a victory for Ireland’s progress overall.

        Best of luck to the French, they’ll need to be a lot better against Germany.


  3. Custo

    7 percent to the irish FA. There’ll be thousands more who bought them from Uefa in the lottery, & private sale from other fans etc. There will be loads of Irish there.

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