Connolly Memorial



They’re still waiting.

Of these shots of Connolly Station, Dublin 1 from the late 1990s artist and photographer Thomas Fitzgerald writes:

“I wasn’t living in the city. I was working in Dublin, but still commuting from my home town of Wicklow. As such I spent a lot of time getting the train from Connolly station. While it was part of my daily routine at the time, I can’t believe how strange it looks now. Since these shots were taken the station has undergone a major refurbishment, and of course, the Luas tram system now stops there also.”

The Streets of Dublin Part 1 (StreetsofDublin)

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Pics: Thomas Fitzgerald

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16 thoughts on “Connolly Memorial

  1. David j

    From those photos it doesnt look that different to me… Sure there are changes but its not a million miles away.

    1. Quint

      Agree. It still looks more or less the same…still a bit of a kip with new timetable displays the only difference. I commuted to it too. I won’t miss the skangers at the main door.

  2. DeSelby

    The main difference I can see is that people are reading newspapers, and nobody is glaring into “smart”phones.

  3. Stev

    All train stations should be made to have those signs like the one there that goes clackclackclackclack when it updates.

    It’s just better.

  4. Tom

    The Arrow is still in service, just painted blue and green. The orange intercitys were fine trains, but were sometimes used as commuters, with only two narrow doors it made boarding and exiting slow. Amazingly, they are using the new intercity cars as commuter trains also, only two narrow doors per car. Very slow.

    1. Niallo

      Those ancient orange things that stank of stale guiness and farts ?
      I’ve been on better trains in india…
      And as for the “new” commuter trains
      Portakabin on wheels, there i said it.

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