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A letter sent from the Standards in Public Office Commission to Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace last Thursday.

It details how, on March 2, Nama chairman Frank Daly made a complaint to SIPO about Frank Cushnahan, a former member of Nama’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee.

It also states that SIPO will contact Mr Wallace soon to meet with the TD and possibly obtain a statement from him. SIPO also requests that Mr Wallace furnish SIPO with any documents that may help SIPO’s inquiry into the complaint against Mr Cushnahan.

Three Four months.

Good times

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11 thoughts on “Hushnahan

  1. Kolmo

    If it weren’t for Wallace TD all this greasy business would slide helpfully (for some) under the radar in the Republic, even with threats made against him he continues to highlight the rings the Namafia are running around the semi-literate politicians. It’s quirky how in other jurisdictions, security forces take a dim view on insider dealing at the criminally substantial expense of taxpayer, funny foreigners and their rule of law and protecting the interests of citizens..gas

  2. Panty Christ

    Now if anyone in the dail raises the matter Edna will say Sipo are looking at it and he cannot comment further. Still nothing to see here though.

  3. Marie

    Long live Mick Wallace, Claire Daly, Catherine Murphy and Roisin Shortall. Without them, none of this would come to light. We should be very grateful to them!

  4. Mulder

    Sipo sounds like a sheep with no teeth, which likely is exactly what it be.
    Kick to touch or kick the can of worms down the road.

  5. Truth in the News

    Have they written to Noonan and NAMA for them to furnish documentation
    What this is really, SIPO asking Mick Wallace for documenation, that Noonans
    Dept and NAMA have…..what next, a letter to Putin or the Pope to see if they
    are in on it.

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