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From top: Gavan Reilly and William Campbell

William Campbell, host of Irish current affairs podcast Here’s How, meets nimble-thumbed Today FM political correspondent Gavan Reilly, of cherubic looks and prodigious tweetage.

William sez:

British politicians – even on the Leave side – were clearly unprepared for what would happen after the success of the Brexit vote, but what about Irish politicians?

TodayFM’s political correspondent Gavan Reilly considers are we 1) Caught on the hop? 2) Scheming to take advantage of England’s Difficulty? Or 3) secretly enjoy the schadenfreude?


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4 thoughts on “In The Tweet Of The Storm

  1. DubLoony

    Within hours of the vote, IDA, Enterprice Ireland, Min. Finance, Min. foriegn affairs & central bank were all issuing statements on Brexit. All were on message.

    Unlike UK, there was actually a communications plan put in place for the Brexit- Leave contingency.


    1. dav

      Is that what your merrion sq press release told ya to say?
      Your inda’s muddled message about the all ireland forum truly shows how “on message” your government of lackeys truly is..

      1. DubLoony

        Am not a govt “lackey” (how nineteenth century of you).
        It is an observation that key people and state bodies had their ducks in a row in case of Leave winning.

        Enda did a solo run on the all Ireland forum idea. All he had to do was wait until north -south bodies met & bring it up there.

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